London Riots Affect Smash & Grab Release Of New Andriod App

London (PRWEB UK) 14 August 2011

Smash & Grab releases latest track through their newly launched Andriod App. However, just as the App was launched the London riots kicked off. As a result London based dance music artist Smash & Grab is seriously considering changing their artist name Smash & Grab after seeing the riots across London and the UK.

We just started telling people about the new app when the riots started and people were asking us if were the official music for the rioters! explained Simon Saunders, AKA Smash & Grab and Record Label Boss of Exploding Chicken Records.

The new fans have seen the name Smash & Grab, thought it was to do with the riots and had a listen. It just fantastic that theyve discovered and like my music, comments Simon Saunders.

The Android App lets you stream their latest hit track and in one day had more than 470 downloads, and positive Twitter comments from new fans.

This App is the future of independently launching music, getting it out to fans as soon as its finished in the studio, continues Simon Saunders.

As well as being the recording artist, a DJ, a producer and a small record label owner, I also designed and developed the app myself, simply because in these times, if you dont do it yourself, not one else will do it for you. said Simon Saunders.

Smash & Grabs music is an exciting cross-genre which sounds like a cross between the Prodigy & Chemical Brothers. After 6 months in the studio, Smash & Grab have released 21 tracks so far this year on and have another 10 tracks due out before Christmas. Their latest track XXXL is available to listen on their free Andriod App or can be downloaded via the paid App for

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