LoudCloud Systems Introduces New e-Learning Apple iPad Feature

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) December 06, 2011

LoudCloud Systems, provider of LoudCloud University Suite, a Higher Education Learning Management System (LMS), continues to innovate the e-learning marketplace with mobile accessibility. This platform feature is designed for a growing segment; according to ComScore, the iPad dominates 97.2 percent of all tablet traffic in the U.S. and nearly 30 percent were 25-34 years old. The new iPad feature for the LoudCloud University Suite Learning Management System will significantly aid students and instructors with their online learning experience. Additionally this month, LoudCloud has a new module update to its current LoudBooks e-Reader.

Joining the mobile revolution, LoudCloud introduces its new Learning Management System feature specifically designed for the iPad tablet. This feature will allow users to access the LoudCloud Learning Management System (LMS) through an iPad, enabling them to download, read offline, and annotate course materials in the LoudBooks format. Students will be able to store and annotate on the LoudBooks e-Reader even when they are offline, then sync when the table device is connected to the Internet. With the LoudCloud University Suite feature, students can download and view course and topic materials that are included in the curriculum. Additionally, users can view assignment details and the corresponding submissions and grades. This feature will also allows students to read the latest Forum posts and view Grade Book updates and the class schedule. The new mobile feature will allow flexibility for students to use key features of LoudClouds University Suite LMS without having to be tied to a computer. Given the popularity of the iPad, institutions using LoudClouds University Suite LMS offer students innovative tools to participate, connect and allow more opportunities for success.

Enhancements have also been made to the LoudCloud University Suite LMS LoudBooks e-Reader module, with valuable features for both students and instructors enabling them to interact and search via the module. Key features include: Annotation Sharing, Related Content, Online Tutoring, Users Reading this Article, Video Embedding, Content Rating and Thesaurus & Search. Both students and instructions can share their annotations with each other using Annotation Sharing. A student can easily absorb his/her learning by material type based on the preferred learning mode. LoudClouds online tutoring provides filtered links to online tutors who are currently available should a student feel the need for additional tutoring. The new LoudBooks e-Reader feature provides a listing of fellow students who are currently reading the same article as the logged-in user allowing the user to seek assistance in understanding the topic material from fellow colleagues. Video embedding is available for all lecture notes enabling the instructor to provide multimedia learning material to the students. Users are also able to rate the content from within the LoudBooks e-Reader. The LoudBooks e-reader thesaurus and search provides synonyms of words and allows a word or phrase search through popular search engines.

The latest in e-learning technology, both the new iPad accessibility feature and LoudBooks e-reader provide superior support, an enhanced learning experience, and flexibility for both instructors and students.

LoudCloud will be demonstrating the University Suite Learning Management System on December 15, 2011 at 11:00am PST. Register Free for the upcoming webinar or request a Private Demonstration.

About LoudCloud Systems

Founded in 2010, LoudCloud Systems is the innovative leader in the design and development of cloud-based ecosystems, and provider of Higher Educations Next Generation Learning Management SystemThe LoudCloud Systems University Suite.

LoudCloud Systems is based in Dallas, Texas and has more than 50 years of experience in the education and technology industry. LoudClouds Board of Directors and Advisory Board consist of pioneers in the education and technology industries and notable leaders from Stanford University, Grand Canyon University and Fortune 100 companies.

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