MediaMelon Announces MediaCloud Video Analytics Solution for Service Providers

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) March 14, 2012

MediaMelon is announcing its MediaCloud Analytics solution for service providers. This solution provides a comprehensive suite of analytics for video performance monitoring and reporting that will allow service providers to analyze and understand their end-user’s video playback experience in real time.


The rapid growth in the adoption of OTT video and the challenges related to delivering a consistently reliable multi-screen video experience presents an interesting opportunity to service providers. With MediaCloud Analytics, service providers can leverage their access network assets to create their own OTT offerings that can have differentiated quality-of-experience (QoE). Alternatively, they can provide access to their network to content owners or content delivery network (CDN) providers to capture a greater portion of the OTT revenue pie, while at the same time reducing their costs to deliver such streams.


The MediaCloud Analytics solution provides CDN performance data, user-engagement and playback performance reports using an embedded analytics stack, the MediaCloud Experience ProbeTM, which resides on end-user devices, including desktops, tablets, mobile handsets and set top boxes. The data is routed to MediaMelons cloud-based back-end servers and is made available to the service provider via APIs and or via a web GUI. These interfaces provide insights into network congestion, prevailing routing paths, media use distribution, player characteristics, etc.


An OTT video delivery fabric can only be modeled to a certain level. These models are often not accurate enough to determine the network configurations that will result in optimal subscriber satisfaction and service adoption. Gathering real time performance data can greatly enhance the performance of an operator’s OTT video delivery services. With that in mind, solutions that are based on systematic measurement of end user behavior will offer the highest value to service providers going forward.


As noted by MediaMelon founder and CEO, Kumar Subramanian, We have seen that user data collection is generally absent from most solutions or is present within proprietary applications that are limited in their ability to cross carrier boundaries. Service providers do not have access to this data and the connection between infrastructure design and the end user quality of experience it provides is far too indirect. Solutions that cross this boundary can offer dramatic improvements in the cost and end user value of the service provided.


This solution is part of MediaMelons MediaCloud Solution family. The MediaCloud solution family provides comprehensive support for optimized OTT video delivery. It is deployed as a hybrid or private cloud based service for managed distribution and delivery of OTT video content, and delivers a cost effective way of deploying new services and creating new revenue streams. The solution incorporates the following innovative features:


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