"New EZPhone is Easy on Power"

(PRWEB) July 11, 2002

“New EZPhone is Easy on Power”

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Neuchâtel, Switzerland and Mountain View, CA, July 15th , 2002.

Are you looking for easy phone access when on the move or in the car, hands free and completely wireless! The new ultra low-power wireless headset from Atoz utilizes XEMICS technology to provide a solution giving complete freedom of movement plus up to 100 hours of use between charges.

For users operating cell phones in environments where substantial body movements are warranted, having wires going from your cell phone to your ear isn’t always practical. A solution to this is a wireless headset. Now that “hands free” mobile phone use in cars is a legal requirement in many countries, wireless headsets can comfortably provide the complete freedom of movement and mobility needed both in the car and the office. With its small form factor the new EZPhone earpiece from Atoz, sits comfortably on either ear, whilst the dongle is plugged into the handset.

The lightweight stylish design mean that hands free communication can be both comfortable and safe. The EZPhone is easy to use and wear, whilst its low power consumption means it is easy on the battery. This solution can be used with existing mobile phones, it is a low cost ‘plug ‘n play’ type device.

The EZPhone Wireless Headset incorporates the the XEMICS’ XE1201A ultra low power RF devices..The design is a joint development between ATOZ and UnIvations and includes Software and Hardware designs licensed from UnIvations. The design was derived from the XM1201A reference module for the RF front-end design and includes a 16bit microcontroller, an ADC, a DAC, amplifiers and power regulators. A perceived full duplex audio link between the cell phone and the ear piece covers a distance of 3 to 5 meter for an average current consumption during operation of 12mA measured at 3.6V.

With a talk time of 5 hours and a standby time of up to 100 hours the EZPhone takes full advantage of the XE1201A’s low power functionality. The dongle base station and the headset are assigned a unique ID to provide a secure communication link.


Atoz Communication, was established in 1984, as a specialized designer and manufacturer of professional laptop computers. Due to the popularity of wireless communications and fast widespread of consumer electronic products, Atoz moved from pure IT business to wireless communication 2 years ago. In order to keep state-of-the-art R&D capability and develop next-generation products, Atoz established R&D centres in Europe, China, and Taiwan. Through strategic alliances and technology exchanges with some leading companies, Atoz vision is to become one of the leading companies in wireless communication innovation.


ABOUT UnIvations

UnIvations Ltd is an Intellectual Property development and licensing company specializing in developing innovative product solutions for the wireless industry. UnIvations is the worlds leading provider of IP for Wireless Personal Handsfree Kits. Products developed using UnIvations’ IP are in mass production world wide. UnIvations also provides comprehensive support to OEMs for the complete development of mobile telephones and advanced accessories. http://www.univations.com


XEMICS is a privately owned fabless semiconductor company with headquarters in Switzerland and a worldwide sales and customer support network. XEMICS delivers a range of advanced short-range wireless connectivity solutions to a global customer base. XEMICS is a leading designer and provider of Wireless RF transceivers and Bluetooth™ applications, data acquisition, communication products, CODEC’s and GPS receivers. With a focus on high-quality low cost solutions XEMICS provides a combination of ultra-low power technology and innovative IC design.

For further information, please contact:

Isabelle Bellaton

Marketing Communications Manager

XEMICS Switzerland

Phone: +41 32 720 5562

Fax: +41 32 720 5770

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: http://www.xemics.com

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