New Innovative Treatment for Addictions and Co-Occurring Disorders Launched by Leading Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center, Infinite Horizons

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 8, 2011

AMBIT Emotional Therapy is an intervention that can be used to treat individuals with alcohol addiction, drug addiction and dual diagnosis, or co-occurring disorders. Infinite Horizons is the first alcohol and drug rehab center in the world to incorporate this approach into its treatment program. Preliminary anecdotal evidence demonstrates tremendous clinical value for this unique and powerful intervention.


Originally devised by Alister Bredee D.H.H.s contribution to Meridian Energy Healing, thus AMBIT – Alisters Meridian Based Integrative Technique. The technique depends on muscle testing which has a rapid means of communicating with the unconscious mind. The practice evolved from Kinesiology, which was first devised by researchers in Chiropractic Medicine in the 1960s, but has never before been used in any alcohol and drug rehab center, until now!


In 2001, Dr. Bredee became the facilitator of The Irish Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques and was using and teaching therapies like EFT, which he had studied with founder Gary Craig in the USA. I realized the enormous power of the unconscious mind which can process up to 14,000,000 bits of information per second. It serves as the home of emotions and of memories, states Dr. Bredee. This concept has tremendous implications for clients struggling with alcohol addiction, drug addiction and co-occurring disorders.


As a result of muscle testing the practitioner can quickly access information from the subconscious. AMBIT techniques are used with clients at Infinite Horizons alcohol and drug rehab center, to find trapped memories. These memories cause energy blockages in the neurologic system of clients, which can also be the principal constituent in disease, or the maladaptive behaviors associated with alcohol addiction, drug addiction and co-occurring disorders.


AMBIT can pinpoint a causative event within a year or two of its occurrence, much to the surprise of the client. The utilization of such an innovative intervention in an alcohol and drug rehab center, with clients suffering from alcohol addiction, drug addiction or co-occurring disorders is quite powerful. Due to his extensive training in Holistic Medicine, Dr. Bredee also realized that negative emotions could be removed from the body by working with the Meridian system. Dr. Bredee presented this discovery at the Second European Energy Conference that took place at Lady Margaret Hall, at Oxford in 2002.


More recently, Dr. Bredee has been influenced by Dr. Bradley Nelsons Emotion Code and he now backflushes a meridian using a strong magnet or Zero Point Energy device to remove the embedded emotion from the neurology. In this way it is possible to permanently remove a gamut of negative emotions that are often the root causes for symptoms of alcohol addictions and drug addictions quite rapidly. Today, Alister Bredee is a key member of the clinical team at Infinite Horizons rehab center.


The Clinical Team at Infinite Horizons asserts that AMBIT, when used in conjunction with traditional medical and holistic therapies, will significantly improve success rates for clients suffering from alcohol addiction, drug addiction and co-occurring disorders, post discharge from treatment.


Infinite Horizons, is an alcohol and drug rehab center, located on the beautiful tropical island of Koh Samui in Thailand. The facility is second to none in providing luxurious facilities, amenities and opulent accommodations. In addition to this exciting new technique, Infinite Horizons offers a fully comprehensive treatment program, administered by highly educated and trained clinicians. For more information visit Infinite Horizons.


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