New Unit Testing Tool Announced by Apollo Systems Contracts Ltd.

Poole, Dorset (PRWEB UK) 22 March 2012

The new unit testing tool enables users to define test cases in a structured manner and then generates the unit test source code automatically. Source code is generated in C or C++ and can be customised to suit most hardware environments. Embunit is designed to appeal to customers looking for an incremental improvement in their software development process, and those wishing to maintain control over their build-download-run test cycle.

Test cases are defined by specifying a list of actions that cover the setup, test, and teardown phases of each test case. Related test cases can be created in the same test suite and run in sequence. The resulting test specification is stored in an XML file.

The source code generated by Embunit uses a minimal set of language features to ensure compatibility with the widest range of compilers. Test results can be reported in a number of ways depending on the resources available on the hardware. This is entirely under the control of the user. Embunit also provides an interface that users can access from their own stub-code to determine where they are in the test sequence.

A fully functional 30-day evaluation version of Embunit is available to download.

When creating tests in C, users have the option of supplying their own custom memory allocator instead of using the one provided by the standard library.

Users can create tests to check that C++ exceptions are thrown when expected (including exceptions thrown from constructors), and Embunit automatically generates code to trap unexpected exceptions. Alternatively, exception handling code can be disabled as some embedded C++ compilers either do not support this feature, or have an option to switch it off in order to conserve system resources.

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