Nexlogic Technologies Brings Up a New Assembly Line to Increase Capacity and Adds a New Feature: “Lead-Free” Assembly Capabilities

SAN JOSE, CA (PRWEB) May 12, 2005

Nexlogic Technologies, Inc., an ISO 9001:2000 certified Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider, announced today that it has added a new assembly line as part of its growth strategy with offering Pb-Free (lead-free) printed circuit solutions of its industry-leading services and products.

Pb-free manufacturing creates new issues and impacts PCB design, fabrication and assembly. Nexlogic knows how to resolve the issues and reduce the impact on design layout, fabrication and especially assembly, such as high temperature range, PCB surface finishes, and reflow ovens, to mention a few. “We have a dedicated team established for Pb-free assemblies that will use their Pb-free training to deliver the right results,” said Zulki Khan, founder and president of Nexlogic Technologies.

OEMs should work with Pb-free expert EMS provider, which is capable of handling all aspects of lead-free components. Thus Nexlogic can be OEM’s transitional team to take them to the “lead free world”.

The new assembly line is from MYDATA. The MY12 is an around placement machine. With its high accuracy and 144 feeders, the machine can place any type of component ranging from OFPs to BGAs, microBGA, CSP and passives of 0201 package types, making it the perfect choice for flexible short series production. It runs on Linux-based TPSys system software, and features a sophisticated, real-time control system with multi-user, multi-tasking, and multi-product features.

Zulki Khan, founder and president of Nexlogic Technologies, said, “This new line will help our customers in medical, military/aerospace, semiconductor and industrial markets, to a smooth transition to lead-free/RoHS compliance products by the stated deadline of July 1, 2006’. Our goal is to become the leading supplier of lead-free assemblies for large to medium size OEMs by developing strategic partnerships with them. As a manufacturing partner, we can reduce their time to market pressures while maintaining utmost product quality because of our ISO certification.”

He added, “TPSys improves vision technology for high-mix production with features like a graphical PCB component viewer. The combination of software will maximize machine utilization with multi-job optimization.”

The market dictates that EMS provider serving customers in medical, military/aerospace, semiconductor and industrial segment be nimble and prepared to assist in Pb-free product manufacturing now. Nexlogic is prepared and can deliver on all levels of lead free assemblies.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley since 1995, Nexlogic is a leading electronic manufacturing services provider that offers total integrated circuit board solutions. This includes board design layout, fabrication, assembly, component procurement, and related ancillary services, all at one San Jose, CA location. As a 10-year industry veteran, Nexlogic has an extensive list of customers including some of Silicon Valley’s top OEMs. With a vast experience base, the company has the necessary know-how to assist start-up companies with engineering and procurement, and thus get their products to market at the right time.

Nexlogic has expertise in board design layout of multi-layer, analog and digital, ultra high-speed, differential pairs, and controlled impedance designs. This is achieved by utilizing industry standard tools from such companies as Cadence and Mentor Graphics. We offer PCB fabrication of multi-layer PCB up to 30 layers, as well as PCB assembly for surface mount technology (SMT), through hole, fine pitch, BGA and uBGA (Micro BGA) devices. Nexlogic also offers BGA reballing & rework.

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