Nomech mini, a 4×4 capacitive touch button grid

So this is a 4×4 projected capactive touch board using Atmega32u4 and back-fire LEDs for each button. I want to send the gerbers to Seeed sooon so any advice/feedback is very much appreciated.
It fits SoB 100x80mm but the top acrylic will sit right on top of the PCB as the dielectric properties of whatever is touching the electrodes matters a lot.

Nomech mini, a 4×4 capacitive touch button grid
If this works well then I might scale it up to 8×8. I want it to work as a cheap monome replacement without using mechanical buttons; hence the name “nomech”.
This is designed using KiCAD.

Everything is licensed CC-BY-SA-3.0
For more detail: Nomech mini, a 4×4 capacitive touch button grid

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