Onanon, Inc. to Exhibit at Design2Part Tradeshow with Their "Can Do" Connector mantra

Milpitas, Calif. (PRWEB) May 3, 2009

Onanon, Inc., a leader in the design and manufacture of electro-mechanical interconnects, announces their plan to display their connection solutions strategy at the “Design2Part” Custom Design & Manufacturing Tradeshow, May 20 & 21, 2009, at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Booth #402. They can help you get connected by designing and building connectors for virtually any industry connector requirement. Interconnections are such an important part in the electronic world. Connectors utilize different electronic components and allow customers to integrate them into their specific systems.


Onanon’s https://www.onanon.com product strategy remains focused on their vertically-integrated core competencies. The product categories fitting this model consist of the design and manufacture of:

1. Interconnect solutions with pin and blade connectors

2. Integrated circuit (IC) sockets, adapters and interposers

3. Custom fabricated plastics


Onanon delivers specially made board-to-board connections designed utilizing the combination of thru-hole and surface mounted technologies (SMT) that allows the joining of these two technologies and provides a robust interconnection between the printed circuit boards (PCB’s). Onanon’s ability to customize any pitch pattern for these technologies puts them a step above the rest. The fully-customizable adapters can accommodate several rows of board-to-board connectors. Made-to-order components are offered based on the requirements of the customer. Onanon has, also, engineered standard board-to-board components that can be found in their catalog. A buyer can obtain parts almost instantaneously. These standard engineered connectors come in various configurations and provide high reliability and support while having complete flexibility in height and allow for board spacing.


IC sockets, adapters and interposers suitable for BGA, LGA, PGA, LIF, ZIF, CGA, DIP, TSOP, TSSOP and SSOP packages are engineered to meet customer applications. Products can be created using a pitch as fine as 0.80mm. Customers can select standard pins from a quick-to-order catalog, or elect to design custom pins with Onanon’s engineers to create their custom units. Customized products can be done in any pin pattern with various available materials and all products are tested for reliability. Many companies can benefit from test sockets that require their IC to be tested or an image to be burned onto it. The test socket is built using pogo-pins, (spring loaded pins) or a Z-axis elastomeric pin system where the IC’s grid array comes in contact with the pins creating the reliable connection. Three test socket configurations are available; the BGA, LGA and thru-hole.


Interposers are an intermediate layer used for interconnection routing or as a ground/power plane. Onanon’s engineers design based on customer specifications, utilizing custom and catalog available components. Interposers redistribute interconnects in stacked chips and are proving important to the commercialization of 3-D IC’s. For example, 3-D IC’s align the pads of a memory chip with those of a logic chip. Thus Interposers redistribute interconnect layers that connect chips with pads that have different locations and sizes. Without an interposer, the electrode pads of both stacked IC chips would need to be exactly aligned, leading to reduced chip package design freedom.

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