Pictage & Shootq Debut "Nimbus" Online Platform at WPPI 2011

Torrance, CA (PRWEB) February 21, 2011

Pictage, the software and services provider for professional photographers, today announced a new online service that will debut at the 2011 WPPI Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV. Launching in March 2011, Nimbus is a new, integrated online platform that connects a professional photographers marketing, selling, and communications channels. In one cohesive environment, photographers can build, update, and manage their websites, blogs, and client galleries. Since Nimbus is embedded in ShootQ, it automatically interfaces with contract management, scheduling, invoicing, and client communications that take place through a typical shoot lifecycle.

Nimbus simplifies a photographers online presence by integrating various online tools to create a unified command and control hub. Instead of managing multiple online systems and wrestling with inconsistent branding and minimal integration, photographers will now have access to everything through a single platform. From portfolios and blogs to paperwork and proofing, all of their tools will be under one system in the cloud.

Photographers use the web to engage with clients from portfolio sites to blogs to proposals to contracting to proofing. Each piece of their web presence comes from a different provider, says Andrew Niesen, Vice President of Product at Pictage. Nimbus is one place where photographers can do it all. Because its one platform, management becomes seamless and so does the experience for a photographers client. Nimbus is a powerful, flexible environment that matches a photographers unique brand, style, and personalityand forms a foundation for collaboration between photographers and their clients.

One of Pictages core goals is to provide all of the solutions professional photographers require in their businesses, said Jim Collins, CEO of Pictage. We knew we wanted to add websites, etc., to the feature set, but with Nimbus the team has taken the service way beyond anything that is currently available in the marketplace. This first release is pretty feature-rich, but we have big plans for where this will eventually take us.

Once Nimbus is implemented, photographers will save time, gain more branding control, and present themselves more professionally to their clients.

Pictage will be previewing Nimbus at the WPPI Trade Show on February 21st. The WPPI Trade Show is held at the MGM Las Vegas between February 21 and 23, 2011. The solution will roll out to beta clients during the weeks after the trade show and is expected to be generally available in early April.

About Pictage

Founded in 2000, Pictage is the leading community and business management and marketing solution for professional photographers. Pictage empowers professional photographers to manage their workflow, promote their brand, connect with community, and sell their work.

About ShootQ

ShootQ.com is the first web-based management software designed specifically to automate photography businesses. ShootQ is a photographer’s virtual business partner; assisting them from the moment a prospective client contacts them until the final product is delivered.

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