PNMini – Positive/Negative Power Supply Module for Makers

High-performance Easy-to-use Mini Power Modules for Makers. Innovative circuitry enables positive/negative supply in one module.

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Module for Makers

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Updated FAQ: Why negative output?

What is PNMini?

PNMini is a family of high performance, easy-to-use DC/DC Power Modules for DIY electronics.
PNMini can be used as positive supply or negative supply. If both positive and negative supply rail are needed, just connect two PNMini modules together. No hardware changes are required.
PNMini is available in a small PCB package that enhances thermal performance and allows for hand soldering or plugin use. It provides +3.3V/-3.3V, +5V/-5V, or +12V/-12V output directly to your circuits requiring no external components.
PNMini family has two output current options to meet your system needs:

  • PNMini-500mA: supports up to 500mA output current
  • PNMini-2A: supports up to 2A output current

Shown in the figure below is a PNMini-2A module. All the application instructions given below use PNMini-2A as an example. The PNMini-500mA version is similar in terms of how to use. Detailed specifications and test data of PNMini-500mA will be available after the final test is done.

PNMini blank PCB

How do I use it?

Supply Rail Configuration
PNMini is extremely easy to use. There is no external component required. The three terminals of PNMini are input voltage VIN, output voltage VOUT, and ground connection GND. The VIN pin is always fixed as Pin 3. Depending on the system requirements, Pin 1 can be positive output VOUT(+) or GND; Pin 2 can be GND or negative output VOUT(-).
Input Range
The input range of the PNMini family is very wide to cover more DIY electronics applications. For PNMini-2A, the input range for positive output is 3.5V to 27V. The input range for negative output is 2.7V to 27V.
Output Programming
The output voltage is programmable through three feedback resistors connected from VOUT terminal to GND terminal.
For more detail: PNMini – Positive/Negative Power Supply Module for Makers

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