REDCOM Announces a New Line of Business: REDCOM Electronics Manufacturing Services

Victor, NY (PRWEB) April 5, 2011

REDCOM Laboratories Inc., an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specializing in high-reliability digital and IP-enabled telecommunications systems, announced today the launch of REDCOM EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services)the EMS provider with “OEM-pathy”.


REDCOM EMS is the extension of REDCOMs in-house electronics manufacturing capability. The new business will focus on serving the needs of small OEMs and young OEMs whose products incorporate complex, mid-to-high density Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs). Serving this customer segment requires a flexible manufacturing operation experienced in managing Low Volume / High Mix productionan apt characterization of REDCOM EMS.


Were not trying to be everything to every OEM, said REDCOM Director of Manufacturing, Steve Husband. We maintain a very strong mixed technology assembly capabilitywhich means that we can assemble (place) Surface Mount Technology components and efficiently insert conventional axial and radial plated-through-hole components on the same printed circuit board. Due to this, we expect that many of our customers will be from industries where on-board analog signal processing is a functional requirement, such as instrumentation, communications, and imaging.


A team of manufacturability specialistsengineers and supply chain professionalswill augment the new business, enabling REDCOM EMS to support the early vendor engagement procurement strategies of prospects and customers. Such engagement is critical in compressing New Product Introduction schedulesof increasing importance to OEMs because product lifecycles are growing shorter all the time.


Another dimension of the target market for the new business is the importance of product reliability. For those OEMs to whom it is crucial, REDCOM EMS offers expertise in burn-in, thermal cycling, and other accelerated aging processes that can help identify problems before they get into product.


Many young OEMs are setting their sights on global markets for their products, and so must comply with US export law. Having experience in the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and as an International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITARs)-registered business, REDCOM EMS is positioned to help these young OEMs comply with the intricacies of these exporting requirements.


Since no OEM can afford to teach their suppliers how to deal with the complexities of federal procurement regulation, it is highly advantageous for OEMs targeting the government market to work with an experienced government contractor. REDCOM EMS has deep experience in both subcontractor and prime contractor roles, and expects to integrate easily into the supply chains of prime contractor OEM customers.


On the topic of fitting in to the customers operation, Steve Husband adds: We are completely familiar with the challenges that OEMs face. Our ability to adapt to changesin product mix, production spikes, ECOs, configuration changes driven by a customers requirementshas evolved over time and today is very well developed. We understand the financial effects and necessity of meeting schedule commitments, and our OEM customers wont need to explain to us the connection between product quality and their reputation in the marketplace. In a word, we have OEM-pathy.



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