Sailors Solutions Inc. Announces its Sensibulb LED Marine Cabin Light Bulb Replacement Unit

Northport, NY (PRWEB) March 29, 2006

Sailors Solutions Inc. introduced today a proprietary integrated electronic unit that uses advanced and efficient light emitting diode (LED) technology to produce light similar to the color and intensity of a 10-watt halogen bulb. The product, trademarked Sensibulb, is designed to be an easy retrofit for most marine cabin lighting fixtures and solves problems associated with halogen, xenon and incandescent light bulbs, excessive heat and power consumption.


Until recently, LED lights produced a bluish-white color with a narrow spread. The Sensibulb produces warm pleasing light with a wide 120-degree spread ideal for overhead lighting and other lighting applications. It draws approximately 140 milliamps at full power compared to a 10-watt halogen bulb that draws 866 milliamps. This usage is only one sixth of the energy needed by the 10-watt halogen. The unit also has a built in dimmer circuit for an optional controller that can further reduce power consumption to as little as 25 milliamps. Expected life of the LEDs used in the Sensibulb is approximately 50,000 hours. The Sensibulb is in soft white and night vision red. Sailors Solutions also offers a line of classic marine dome and reading lights that incorporate the Sensibulb and dimmer.


Development of the Sensibulb required a unique approach to thermal management which is handled by the electronics and integral heat sink. NASAs Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program assisted with the thermal design.


We believe we are leading the way with the most advanced LED technology in the marine market, said Nick Cancro, President, Sailors Solutions, Inc.


Boaters have been waiting for an efficient lighting technology that also has the intensity and pleasant color of their halogen and incandescent lights, said Michael Appolonia, Chief Operations Officer for Sailors Solutions Inc. Sensibulb delivers all of these benefits in an easy to install retrofit package.


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Sailors Solutions Inc. is a developer and retailer of innovative and excellent products for the marine market. Its products include SPM soundproofing tiles, the Crew Light LED pocket flashlight, Ozone Blue marine water purifier and many other unique boating products. Sailors Solutions products can be viewed at its website (




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