Murata has developed a new MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) 6DoF (Six Degrees of Freedom) inertial sensor for autonomous Off-Highway vehicles, dynamic inclination sensing and GNSS positioning support. The sensor enables further advancement in technology and novel solutions for advanced driver / operator assistance systems, autonomous vehicles and GNSS based measurement instruments. The product delivers highest performance available on component level in key parameters like bias stability and noise. Murata calibrates orthogonality of all measurement axes. This allows our customers and system integrators to skip this costly and performance-critical process step.

Murata’s new SCHA63T sensor is the world’s first single package 6DoF component with this level of performance. Traditionally this level of inertial sensor performance has only been available on expensive high-end IMU modules. The sensor can enable centimetre-level accuracy in machine dynamics and position sensing, and can assist ensuring safe, robust and verified designs. One of the key focus areas in product development for SCHA63T has been to ensure operation during high mechanical shock and vibration. Within the same product family, there are also sensor variants qualified according to automotive AEC-Q100 standard. SHCA63T sensor includes several advanced self-diagnostic features and can achieve full compliance with ASIL-D (Automotive Safety Integrity Level).


  • Single package 6DOF component for safety critical and AD applications
  • ISO26262 compliant for systems up to ASIL-D
  • Component level dynamic cross-axis calibration enables better than 0.3° cross-axis error over temperature
  • Allan variance down to 0.9°/h
  • Gyro RMS noise level below 0.007°/s
  • Excellent vibration robustness
  • Extensive self-diagnostics features
  • ±125°/s or ±300°/s angular rate measurement range to cover various application needs
  • ±6g acceleration measurement range
  • −40°C~+110°C operating temperature range
  • 3.0V~3.6V supply voltage
  • SOIC housing component size 19.71 ㎜ x 12.15 ㎜ x 4.5 ㎜ (l × w × h), 32 pins
  • Qualified according to AEC-Q100 standard

Murata has more than 20 years of experience of providing inertial sensors for safety critical automotive applications like electronic stability control (ESC). We have utilized this expertise in the development of this sensor family. SCHA63T sensor features extensive failsafe functions and error bits for diagnostics. These include internal reference signal monitoring, checksum techniques for verifying communication, and signal saturation/over range detection. The unique diagnostic feature of Murata’s 3-axis accelerometer is the continuously operating self-test function, which monitors the sensor during measurement. This patented self-test function verifies the proper operation of the entire signal chain from MEMS sensor element movement to signal conditioning circuitry for every measurement cycle. Even if the system using SCHA63T is not required to follow international Functional Safety standards, the provided design support documentation enables for customers a cost effective, robust & fast design process.


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