Speedline Technologies to Introduce Next Generation Stencil Printer at APEX 2005

Franklin, MA (PRWEB) November 16, 2004 –

– The debut of the MPM Accela™ printer at APEX 2005 by Speedline Technologies, Inc. (http://www.speedlinetech.com) will create a new paradigm in the way electronics manufacturers view and measure printer performance. With a completely new, robust design and operator interface, this innovative printer is unlike anything else in the industry.


“The Accela includes dramatic innovations in parallel processing technology that will render traditional cycle time claims obsolete. It will shift the focus, once and for all, to the measurement that customers are really interested in – throughput. Our customers will be able to concentrate on the quality, number, and cost of good boards produced per hour,” said Pierre de Villemejane, president, Speedline Technologies.


The new system produces the most boards per hour of any industry printer – delivering raw throughput gains of 20% to 30% over the closest competitor. “With shrinking profit margins and extreme competition, OEM and CEM manufacturers are demanding equipment that maximizes uptime and yields, generates more quality boards per hour, and increases the return on their capital investment,” said de Villemejane. “Measuring printer performance in terms of cycle time is meaningless for the telecom, CEM/EMS, and automotive electronics producers who require ultra-high throughput with high yield performance. Additionally, our customers require the highest accuracy and repeatability for the increasingly complex boards used throughout the industry.”


Already awarded two new U.S. patents, with nine additional innovations patent-pending, the technological advancements incorporated in the Accela printer address the high performance and challenging applications facing manufacturers building the highest volume and most complex printed circuit boards. The development of this printer resulted from extensive customer input indicating that cost per board, not cycle time, was their most important production measurement.


“Through years of working with customers on various printing applications, we have designed and developed a printer that optimizes production around this critical customer need,” said Bob Boyes, product manager at Speedline Technologies. The new Accela platform:



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