Sullins Now Offers Press-Fit Edgecard Connectors

San Marcos, CA (PRWEB) June 8, 2006

Sullins Electronics, Inc., a global leader in the design and manufacture of board level interconnects, today announced the addition of pin compliant solderless press-fit edgecard connectors to satisfy OEMs and assembliers requirements for improved manufacturing yields and assembly efficiencies. Offering an excellent quality/cost ratio, the .100 contact centerline connectors boast exceptionally rugged insulators together with gold-plated contacts to ensure the durability of signal integrity in high-cycle applications. Press-fit edgecards feature high-density .100 spacing on 0.062 daughterboards, and support 0.093 (2.36 mm) to 0.125 (3.18 mm) thick motherboards. These robust parts join Sullins 100% RoHS-complaint portfolio of edgecards, headers, CompactPCI, and bi-level connectors, along with their lineup of parts designed specifically for high-temperature applications.

Providing among the industrys most reliable connections, Sullins solderless press-fit edgecards are ideal for employment as backpanel connectors as they eliminate the challenges that often arise when thicker, multilayer PCBs with a high copper content are subjected to the high temperatures essential for conventional or wave soldering. Accordingly, the UL Recognized parts may be confidently specified for the widest range of high-reliability/high-cycle applications in which the circuit connection of a PCB to a high-density daughterboard is required. Among their uses are in such general industrial, commercial and consumer applications as security systems, and computer peripherals.

Provided standard with phosphor bronze, gold-plated (30 microinch) contacts to insure high-cycle life, edgecards are available with contacts in configurations ranging from 5/10 to 60/120. The press-fit connectors further feature black PBT insulators, and a current rating of 3 Amp per contact pair. Additional specifications include an operating temperature rage of -65 degrees C to +125 degrees C, and insertion force of 16 ounces max. per contact pair. Parts may be ordered with-or-without scoops, and with a choice of tail lengths. A broad range of mounting styles, plating and keying options, and customization is also available. To learn more about Sullins press-fit edgecard connectors, visit

Average pricing for Sullins press-fit edgecard connectors ranges from $ 0.53 to $ 0.83 per contact pair in production quantities. Delivery is 3 to 4 weeks ARO.

About Sullins Electronics, Corp.

Headquartered in San Marcos, CA, Sullins Electronics, Corp. ( has been a world leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of high-quality edge cards and headers since 1971. The Company provides the industrys widest selection of UL/CUL approved edgecards, and additionally offers product development services together with engineering support. Sullins edgecards, headers, bi-level and CompactPCI connectors are widely specified for use in mission-critical applications by a broad spectrum of leading industrial, commercial, military and consumer products manufacturers. Sullins connectors and interconnect systems are offered through a global network of sales representatives and distributors.

Sullins Electronics, Corp.

801 E. Mission Road

San Marcos, CA 92069

888/774-3100; Fax: 760/744-6081

Contact: Soussan Sullins

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