Turn with it without worries

Well-proven Piher potentiometers with a dust-proof construction will ensure a reliable operation to your devices.
Resistive trimmers of the Spanish company Piher may be familiar to you already from our article – We became an authorized Piher distributor. This time we enlarged our offer with rotary potentiometers of the PC16 series in a wide range of values. PC16 series with a carbon resistive element provides an excellent price/ performance ratio.
Turn with it without worries
From many available versions we selected for you the PC16xH-10IP06 version in a single and double (tandem, stereo) version with linear or logarithmic characteristics. With the PCB terminals and mounting via M10 bushing, this version is suitable for the most of applications. A plastic shaft can be advantageous from safety reasons in applications galvanically connected to the mains power supply. Upon request we´re able to provide you with any other types.
Detailed information will provide you the PC16 datasheet. . Naturally, in our offer can also be found various knobs for 6 mm shafts.
In case of interest, please contact us at [email protected].

Advantages / Features:

  1. well proven potentiometers with a carbon resistive element
  2. dust-proof construction
  3. 6mm plastic shaft
  4. mounting via M10 nut (included)
  5. operation temperature -25 …+70°C (up to +85°C)
  6. enclosure from the self-extinguishing plastic, UL 94V-0
  7. on stock in a wide range of values

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