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Maldon, Essex (PRWEB) November 25, 2005

CML announces the enhanced facilities and performance of its unique CMX850 single-chip Communications Controller. CML believes this powerful communications processor IC to be the first embedded microcontroller of its kind with integrated V.22bis modem and comprehensive wireline signalling facilities.

For use in embedded systems, either side of the telephone galvanic barrier this extremely compact and low-powered microcircuit will satisfy all of the design, communications, control, data and signalling requirements of any wireline end-product using on-line communications.

Added sensitivity to the on-chip CAS tone detector and the addition of a stand-alone FSK demodulator not only enhance the operation to both type I and II Caller Line ID (CLI) operations but will allow on-hook CLI operations to take place whilst the remainder of the circuitry is powersaved – an enormous bonus to battery/line powered terminals.

As another cost saving addition in design BOMs, the programmable Tx DTMF twist feature, allows the use of this device with lower-cost DAA circuits.

A Boot ROM on-chip is available to allow both dynamic in-circuit programming and software upgrading in the field.

The CMX850 is an enhanced 80C51 microcontroller with 8k of on-chip RAM, an integral modem capable of working to V22bis, V.22, V.23, V.21 (and Bell equivalents), and up to 35 General Purpose I/O pins to form a powerful and versatile communications processor, capable of directly accessing up to 4Mbytes of external memory through page-mode addressing.

Other main features include: a 16 x 8 keyboard encoder, an interface for an external LCD Controller, CAS Tone detection and generation, and Advanced Power management. Dual clock operation, a Watch Dog Timer, Real-time clock, Two-input ADC and Two low-power PWM outputs are additional features included in the highly compact CMX850.

Some of the many applications for this IC include: SMS and ADSI Terminals, Telemetry and Meter Reading Systems, Security Systems, Feature Phones, Least Cost Routers, EPOS terminals Internet appliances.

Fully functional in the range 3.0 to 3.6 volts, this product requires only 6.5mA (typ.) at full operation. The power efficiency is infinitely variable in-line with dynamic demands, with a powersave requirement of 20

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