Gate Precast Completes Installation of Precast Concrete Exterior for New Dorm at Rose-Hulman; Design Assist Collaboration Instrumental in Fast-Paced Delivery Method

Winchester, KY (PRWEB) March 28, 2012

Gate Precast Company in Winchester, KY, has finished the erection of precast concrete exterior panels on a new four-floor upper classmen residence hall on the campus of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, IN. The 70,000-square foot, 240-bed residence hall features suite-style apartments on the first floor, and the top three floors are designed for apartment-style living.


Gate Precast collaborated with the design team which consists of Project Architect, RATIO Architects, Inc., Indianapolis, IN, and Construction Manager, Garmong Construction Services, Terre Haute, IN, to assist in the development of the buildings precast cladding. The design team took advantage of precast concretes extensive aesthetic options and enhanced their design without escalating their budget, according to Jim Lewis, Gate Precast Director of Architectural Systems.


Design assist allows the project team flexibility while remaining budget conscious and without sacrificing duration to the overall project by concurrently working through design and cost, said Mark Pedron, VP, Operations for Gate Precasts Kentucky facility.


According to Jake Wagle, Project Manager of Garmong Construction, precast concrete was selected as the exterior cladding due to speed of construction, quality and energy efficiency.


The design-assist delivery method is greatly responsible for the success of the project being delivered in a timely manner. This building was erected and fully enclosed in a two-month period. No traditional construction methods could have provided the same quality and construction speed, Wagle said.


The aggressive schedule was driven by the desire to have the dorm ready for the 2012-2013 school year. The project is being constructed over an 11-month period.


Gate Precast was able to accomplish all project milestones needed to meet the aggressive schedule.


Precast installation enclosed the structure months earlier than other hand-laid systems and cost less as compared to conventional light gauge framing, sheathing and masonry walls, said Lewis.

BIM technologies were used on this project with the ultimate goal being to eliminate installation and design conflicts with major systems of building and keep the project in budget.


Gate utilizes a competent design staff with BIM capabilities to work with clients from concept to completion on both large and small projects. Gates design assist consultants use 3D models to show clients how structures with precast concrete components can enter the market faster and more economically, Pedron said.


The prefabricated concrete panels were produced in a factory-controlled process and are comprised of 3 and 6 concrete wythes. The wythes sandwich 3 of edge-to-edge extruded polystyrene insulation and provide an R-value of 16. Choosing off-site construction of precast wall panels is an effective way to design out waste associated with conventional construction and contributes directly to a construction site waste reduction strategy.


The residence hall will be the first structure on campus that meets Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) silver certificate standards. Precast concrete contributed to the sustainability of this project by incorporating integrated design, using material efficiently, reducing construction waste and site disturbance, improving energy efficiency, improving indoor environmental quality and reducing noise.


About Gate:

Gate Precast Company is a subsidiary of Gate Petroleum Company, headquartered in Jacksonville, FL. Gate owns and operates eight manufacturing facilities and has become one of the largest and most diversified precast design assistance consultants and precast concrete producers in the United States. The company is recognized annually as a top subcontractor by Engineering News Record Magazine and was recently presented with the Best-in-Class PCI Design Awards on multiple projects. For more information, please visit

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