Vyopta Releases vControl

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) July 29, 2011

Vyopta Incorporated, a pioneer in cloud applications for TelePresence technology, announced today the release of a new version of its vControl application.


The new version centralizes the management of an organizations vControl accounts through an administrative web portal. As a cloud service, vControl authenticates the user, grants access permissions based on company defined group policies and controls the user experience. This allows an organization to deploy a simple unified user interface enterprise-wide with the flexibility of managing access at the user or room level.


Additionally, the vControl interface provides control of video compositing capabilities for select Cisco TelePresence endpoints. A virtual workspace allows users to drag, drop, move, and resize video sources on the fly for both local and far end displays. Configurations can also be saved for later use or cut and pasted into different display outputs. Source switching is also software enabled which reduces the need for additional switching hardware and takes advantage of functionality embedded in Cisco TelePresence endpoints.


“Our new version of vControl is the first application to expose the full capability of the C-series codec,” said Alfredo Ramirez, President and CEO of Vyopta. By using vControl, we can eliminate the need for additional external hardware components, significantly reduce the complexity of deployment and the cost of ownership and provide a uniform user interface across an enterprise. Additionally, we can provide additional data points on user and system usage that can be used by Vyopta vAnalytics.


Vyoptas vControl has been used extensively by our team to control Cisco TelePresence endpoints and support remote users with their visual communication meetings, said Gary Gulliford, Manager of Videoconferencing & Audiovisual Services for James Cook University in Australia. We will be expanding our use of Vyoptas vControl which will allow us to enhance the user experience and increase the effectiveness of our support.


Vyoptas vControl application is part of a larger suite of Vyopta products, which includes remote expert video stations/kiosks and training/lecture capture solutions. To learn more about our products, please contact us or an authorized Vyopta reseller.


About Vyopta Incorporated

Vyopta is a pioneer developer of cloud applications for TelePresence video. Vyopta adapts video to business, delivering high-quality customer service, process automation and business intelligence. Vyoptas solutions unleash the potential of video investments, resulting in increased sales and cost savings, improved customer satisfaction and retention and a greater ability to meet business demand. For more information on Vyopta and its products, visit http://www.vyopta.com.



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