While Big Electronics Stores Close, Anderson’s HDTV Keeps Going and Launches New State-of-the-Art Ecommerce Website

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) June 5, 2009

According to the Consumer Electronics Association, over 29 million High-Definition TV sets will be sold in 2009. With big retailers like Circuit City failing, high sales like this might seem surprising. But it makes sense when you factor in smart moves made by Anderson’s HDTV and other, smaller electronics retailers like it.


Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Anderson’s HDTV has a history of staying small enough to respond quickly, and big enough to compete with large retailers. Before the HD craze began, Anderson’s invested in entertainment-center furniture. So they not only offered the hi-def TVs customers wanted, but also cabinets and seating to match the “TV Room” aesthetic.


Dave Malloy, who’s owned the company since 1978, saw the current trend coming and investigated ways to continue growing the company. He decided to enter the world of online sales–something only the major retailers had done successfully.


“We have a tremendous base of loyal customers who appreciate the approach we take in our stores,” says Dave. “We wanted our customers to have that same unique experience online.”


So Anderson’s contacted PlanetMagpie, a Silicon Valley IT consulting firm, to develop a new e-commerce website.


The new site is a blend of product information and e-commerce capability–just like the company’s everyday approach. While their retail locations showcase the entire “home theater experience,” AndersonsHDTV.com displays LCD TVs and sound systems just like they’d look in someone’s living room.


“Our niche has always been the Northern California marketplace,” said Dave. “But we believe we must also reach out to (our customers) online in today’s world. Now we’ve got a beautifully-constructed site to do just that.”


So far it seems he has the right idea. The brand-new Anderson’s HDTV website has already attracted over 7,500 visitors since its launch in March.


With their new website and a 31-year-old customer base right here in the Bay Area, Anderson’s HDTV aims to stick around for many more years.


Anderson’s HDTV: Anderson’s HDTV

PlanetMagpie: PlanetMagpie.com


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