WhizNets Offers Wi-Fi Solution for Atmel AVR32 for Embedded M2M Market

Sunnyvale, CA (PRWEB) March 21, 2012

WhizNets Inc., provider of small footprint and easy to integrate embedded wireless solutions for niche market, announces the addition of low cost entry level WiFi solution for Atmel AVR32 a big-endian architecture, an enhancement to WhizNets wireless portfolio to allow developers to evaluate and develop their own wireless applications based on the Whiz-Fi-SPI-SDIO module or Whiz-Fi-SMD module and the feature rich AVR32 platform from Atmel.


WiFi solution is available for low footprint microcontrollers from various companies like TI, Atmel, ST, NXP, Samsung, Freescale and many more; a low footprint microcontrollers solution is supported by starter kits and reference designs with support for both Super-Loop (No OS) and RTOS. The solution is also available for various Linux and Android platforms.


The Whiz-Fi-SMD-bgn module is low priced, highly integrated 11b/g/n solution for deep embedded applications where customers don’t need one extra processor to create their WiFi solution and is available in SMD 9x11x1.3mm package and only needs power supply, crystal and antenna to be used reducing overall BOM cost and eliminating design complexity. A ready to go integrated SMD module prices in single digits for production quantity.


Whiz-Fi-SPI-SDIO-bgn is available as a ready-to-prototype PCB module, just connect it to the microcontroller and start developing application. Both solutions provide the SDIO/SPI interface for connection with the host processor.


Our ready-to-go WiFi solutions for Linux, Android, RTOS and SuperLoop (No OS) over a host of processors type ARM7, Cortex-M3, Cortex-M4, ARM9, ARM11, AVR32 & interfaces SPI, SDIO, USB, UART allows OEMs/ODMs to look for reduced time to market, performance efficient solutions for new and existing designs, said Atul Garg, CEO, WhizNets Inc. These highly integrated, low cost, low power, small footprint, long range solutions are optimized for customer applications running on a host CPU


For rapid prototyping, evaluation and out-of-box experience of Wireless solutions together with AVR32 platform, WhizNets offers the AVR32 WiFi Starter Kit package. A Starter kit package includes WLAN SDK with simple to use APIs, Sample Wireless application & Processor Kit for product creation along with direct engineering support. Starter kit also provides sample WiFi modules (Whiz-Fi-SPI-SDIO-bgn) and complete hardware reference design and documentation.


Visit WhizNets Inc. for more information on WiFi Modules and WiFi Starter Kits or contact us with your choice of OS and platform for availability.


Pricing & Availability

The Whiz-Fi-SMD-bgn and Whiz-Fi-SPI-SDIO-bgn modules are available immediately and can be purchased in sample, low quantities and production quantities. For pricing, please contact WhizNets Inc.


About WhizNets Inc.

WhizNets is engaged in providing M2M embedded wireless solutions, Android solutions along with custom product development and Testing in the area of Communication, Networking, Automation, Control, Android Mobile systems and Android applications. WhizNets team is expert in wireless connectivity Wireless LAN, WiMAX, GPRS, GPS, Android and client/server as well as standalone applications with many years of consumer focused solution provider and system integration experience working with many startups to multinationals. In our area of expertise and using our solutions portfolio we provide turnkey product design and development with compliance and certifications. We can start from a concept or take a customer’s existing product and add innovative features and functionality to it. Our constantly growing solutions portfolio gives customers a time to market advantage along with cost benefits.

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