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GPS Data Logger with Wireless Trigger Using Atmega644

Introduction The goal of this project was to create a portable GPS logger that could be wireless triggered by an external device, such as a camera. Our device that we have designed operates in two modes. The first works as a basic GPS logger, which records GPS position information at timed intervals. The second mode only records position information when triggered manually over a wireless interface by an ex ...

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The Big Red Guide Using Atmel AVR Mega32

If this is your first time on the Cornell Campus, you need not worry! Cause we have the best guide for you! Introduction The Cornell Campus is quite large, and finding your way around can get a bit frustrating. The Big Red Guide is a GPS receiver that displays your position on an LCD, as you move about the Cornell Community. [caption id="attachment_17107" align="aligncenter" width="320"] The Big Red Guide U ...

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GSM GPS module shield for Arduino

Shield for Arduino designed and based on the module GSM/GPRS SIM900 or the GSM/GPRS & GPS module SIM908, to make calls, voice and data connections via GPRS  allow maximum customization and provide many configurations. With a microphone and a headset with a 3.5 mm jack (just the standard headphones for computers), you can make a voice call from Arduino!! HARDWARE INNOVATIONS This new version (old Arduino ...

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AVR GPS Locator using avr microcontroller

In this project i have interfaced an GPS with AVR microcontroller, the ATtiny2313 gets the location from the GPS and display it over the LCD display. This project also have the feature of marking a place with its name. For entering the Name of the place i have used the PC-AT Keyboard. At starting the microcontroller will display the latitude and longitude on the LCD display and if you need to mark the place ...

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