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LCD Message Display Using AT Mega8 microcontroller

Description This LCD message display can show text with large characters on an 20*4 LCD module. The display can show five characters at a time. Each characters is build from twelve characters of the display module. The text on the display can be read from up to ten meters distance. The data to build each character is stored in an external 24C32 serial EEPROM which has 4096 bytes of memory. The characters th ...

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LCD Interface Board Using ATTiny2313

Description This board can directly connected to the STK 500 board or the ATTiny2313 ISP program board with a 10 pole flatcable on the 10 pin header of the STK500 and the 10 pin header of the LCD/Switch board. The display has 16*2 character positions and is Hitachi HD44780 compatible, and also has a LED backlight that can be switched on/off by a jumper. It uses only one port of the AVR-microcontroller. It a ...

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LCD Display On Glass Interface Using AT2313

Description Liquid Crystal Display on Glass is the newest in LCD technology. The display's are very compact, it measures 55x27 mm and the height is only 2mm without LED backlight and 5.8mm with LED backlight. The display's can have different LED background light instead of only the green and blue of the normal LCD modules.There are 5 monochrome colors available: white, green/yellow, blue, red, amber and the ...

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Graphical LCD with KS108 controller

Description The Graphical LCD 128x64 controlled is with the ATMega16, the graphic LCD GLCD HG1286418C-VA with a S6B0107/S6B0108 controller is used. See below for the pinout of the display. The display has 8 data bits and 5 control bits. The databits are hooked to PORTB and the control bits are hooked to PORTD of the Mega16. A small PCB board is made for easy connection to the microcontroller. The programs a ...

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NOKIA 3310 LCD interfacing with ATmega8

Using graphic LCD in a project gives it really a good look and flexibility of displaying different characters and shapes. But, the graphic LCDs are quite costly. The NOKIA 3310 LCD provides a really low-cost solution to add a small graphic display into your project and also good for learning purpose. The LCD is SPI bus compatible, saving many pins for other uses. It operates at 3.3v.Here is a small circuit ...

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