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microCommander allows remote and easy development on the LogicFlex-EPX industrial control system

Victoria, BC, Canada (PRWEB) July 4, 2003

Intec Automation Inc., announced the release of microCommander v1.3, its HMI software suite, which now offers full support for JK microsystems’ LogicFlex-EPX industrialized control system, adding to the growing list of embedded microcontrollers and single board computers supported by microCommander.

Packaged in a slim 1RU-rack mount enclosure, the LogicFlex-EPX system incorporates many desirable I/O features for industrial applications. Built around the proven LogicFlex embedded x86 single board controller (SBC), the EPX provides onboard Ethernet, 2 serial ports, 16 optically isolated inputs, 16 relays and an LCD with 6 push buttons. The rich feature set, optional A/D and industry standard connectors make the LogicFlex-EPX an exceptional control solution – and now it can enjoy the benefits of microCommander.

This HMI software builds attractive user interfaces (GUI’s) and reduces development time to program microcontrollers and SBC’s from man-months to man-hours, thanks to its drag & drop approach to programming without programming. microCommander also seamlessly adds internet connectivity to microcontrollers, making them accessible from anywhere in the world.

Engineers can actually experience the ease of programming their own microcontroller with a free download of microCommander available at and, while there, they can also remotely access a live microcontroller connected to the Internet.

Learn more by calling Intec Automation, Inc. at (250) 721-5150 or going to

For additional information about the LogicFlex-EPX control system, or any of JK microsystems’ embedded single board computers, call (530) 297-6073 or visit


About Intec Automation, Inc:

Intec Automation Inc. has been providing microcontrollers and software development tools to support its microcontrollers since 1993. Intec’s microcontrollers are sold mainly in USA and Canada, with a number of clients world wide. Intec’s latest product is microCommander, a HMI software suite that brings Internet connectivity and a whole new approach to programming microcontrollers.


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