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Terahertz Optical Transistors Beat Silicon

PORTLAND, Ore.--Purdue University researchers have demonstrated a CMOS-compatible all-optical transistor capable of 4THz speeds, potentially over a 1000 times faster than silicon transistors. Nano-photonic transistors processed at low-temperatures can be fabricated atop complementary metal oxide semiconductors (CMOS) to boost switching time by ~5,000-times less than 300 femtoseconds (fs) or almost 4 teraher ...

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HRL Laboratories Demonstrates World’s First Graphene RF Field-Effect Transistors Under DARPA’s CERA Program

Malibu, CA (PRWEB) December 5, 2008 - HRL Laboratories, LLC, announced today it has demonstrated the world's first graphene RF field effect transistors (FETs) as part of the Carbon Electronics for RF Applications, or CERA program. The milestone is the first in the proposed 51-month, three-phase program to develop a new generation of carbon-based radio-frequency (RF) integrated circuits for ultra-high-speed, ...

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Repair dead AVR’s – Attiny fusebit doctor (HVSP)

Did you make a mistake while programming fusebits, or purposely disabled reset pin (RSTDISBL) or ISP programming (SPIEN)? No need to buy or make inconvenient HV programmer only for unlock couple of Tiny AVR’s. This Attiny fusebit HV doctor will cure your dead tiny microcontrollers, by restoring all fusebits to factory settings – nice and easy. Supports all of the serial high voltage interface AVRs, that is ...

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