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UDOO: Android Linux Arduino in a tiny single-board computer

What’s UDOO?

UDOO is a mini PC that could run either Android or Linux, with an Arduino-compatible board embedded.

UDOO is a powerful prototyping board for software development and design, it’s easy to use and with a few steps you can start using it and creating your projects with minimum knowledge.

UDOO merges different computing worlds in one; each world has its strengths and weaknesses, and all of them are useful today in education as well as Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and rapid prototyping endeavours.

UDOO is an open hardware, low-cost computer equipped with an ARM i.MX6 Freescale processor for Android and Linux, alongside  Arduino DUE’s ARM SAM3X, both CPU integrated on the same board!

UDOO’s size is 4.33 inch x 3.35 inch (11 cm x 8.5 cm) and it has low power consumption.

UDOO goals:

  • Develop an innovative product for a growing market
  • Give a new vision to the educational framework: the idea is to train up a new generation of engineers, designers and software developers skilled in digital technology: physical computing, multi-media arts, interactive arts, IoT…
  • Boost up the DIY world
  • Offer a low cost embedded platform for interactive art with powerful tools: Processing, OpenCV, PureData, openFramework
  • Provide companies with a great tool for fast prototyping


For more detail: UDOO: Android Linux Arduino in a tiny single-board computer

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