30A, PCB-level supply monitor has integrated 300 µΩ sense resistor

Power Monitors

As today’s electronic designs continue to grow in complexity, managing power consumption and optimizing overall efficiency become even more important. Accurate power supply voltage and current monitoring is crucial to conserving power and guaranteeing reliability in everything from industrial and telecom applications, to automotive and consumer electronics. Measuring power consumption, as well as other critical parameters, and optimizing overall efficiency can be a challenge with discrete solutions. Linear Technology’s power monitors combine the necessary interfaces, current sense amplifiers, ADCs, multiplexers and/or analog multipliers to monitor power, resulting in solutions that have the relevant dynamic range, sensitivity and accessibility to address a wide variety of applications.30A, PCB-level supply monitor has integrated 300 µΩ sense resistor
One size does not fit all when it comes to power monitors, since each power monitoring application is typically very unique. Nevertheless, Linear Technology’s power monitors provide high configurability without compromising performance or functionality. The LTC2990/LTC2991 quad/octal I2C power monitors can be configured up to 35 different ways, perfect for 3V to 5.5V systems that need simple and accurate digital monitoring of combinations of temperature, voltage and current. If higher voltages are required, then the LTC2945 and its 0V to 80V operating range also allows users to accurately monitor current, voltage and power via an I2C interface. The LTC2946 provides energy readings for rails up to 100V, while the LTC2947 integrates a sense resistor and provides energy readings for rails up to +/-30A.  For measuring AC or instantaneous power, the LT2940 analog power and current monitor for 4V to 80V systems brings together the necessary circuits to accurately measure, monitor and control power.
For more detail: 30A, PCB-level supply monitor has integrated 300 µΩ sense resistor

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