Absolute Analysis Joins the RapidIO Trade Association

Newbury Park, CA (PRWEB) June 06, 2011

Absolute Analysis and the RapidIO Trade Association today announced that Absolute Analysis has joined the open-standards body as a member and will help promote the adoption of the RapidIO Interconnect Technology by providing test methodologies and equipment to the RapidIO ecosystem.

The RapidIO specification addresses the need in the marketplace for a high performance serial interconnect. It defines a switch fabric architecture for chip-to-chip and board-to-board communication within a system that supports transmission rates hundreds of times faster than current technology.

One of the biggest problems engineers have in using this high performance communications protocol is validating and debugging their design. Absolute Analysis has a suite of tools that not only enable engineers to perform these tasks, but also do it in a shorter timeframe than any other tool suite on the market today.

“Absolute Analysis is impressed with the technology and applications that the RapidIO Specification has been able to offer to the market. said Roger Paje, Director of Marketing, Absolute Analysis. With our release of the InvestigatorTM for Serial RapidIO, we feel we can contribute to this ecosystem by providing best-in-class serial test tools and methodologies that will enable designers who use this technology to get their products to market faster.

Since RapidIO Technology excels in environments needing true peer-to-peer clusters of embedded processors, it is dominant in the baseband cards and backplanes in LTE and WiMAX applications. It also has a strong foothold in military and aerospace radar electronics, medical electronics for video imaging, and the storage industry for cloud computing control.

“I am pleased that Absolute Analysis has joined the RapidIO Trade Association as our newest member. The addition of Absolutes test tools to the RapidIO Eco-System, will further enable developers of the RapidIO technology to produce higher quality products and get them to market faster.”

About Absolute Analysis

Absolute Analysis develops test equipment that performs complete high speed serial interconnect validation and debug across standard protocols, custom or proprietary protocols, and mixed protocol environments. Protocol support includes Serial RapidIO, PCI Express, Ethernet up to 10 Gbps, and many others. Their flagship InvestigatorTM platform contains a suite of tools for full interoperability and compliance testing, including protocol analysis, traffic generation, BER testing, error injection, and impairment testing. All validation is accomplished via a single piece of hardware, and a single user interface, saving customers both time and money. The company recently announced full backplane to network protocol validation capabilities, making Investigator the worlds only platform to handle full system protocol validation. You can visit their website at http://www.AbsoluteAnalysis.com

About the RapidIO Trade Association

The RapidIO Trade Association is an industry consortium promoting the adoption of this new, high-performance specification. As an open standard, the specification offers a practical migration path to bridge existing architectures and the long-term flexibility to meet changing industry needs.

The RapidIO architecture offers increased bandwidth, lower costs, and a faster time-to-market for networking, telecommunications and embedded products than today’s computer-centric bus standards. The technology is compatible with the widely-used PCI bus and is software transparent, making it compatible with existing architectures and offering a practical migration path to next generation performance. The specification is available at no cost to industry professionals on the organization’s Web site, http://www.rapidio.org/.


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