Addressing Class-A and Class-B Marine AIS

(PRWEB) May 18, 2006

The NEW CMX910 gives global designers of Marine Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), a helping hand in their quest to develop low-cost Class-A and Rx only Class-B solutions, for both commercial and leisure maritime vessels, of all sizes.

The CMX910 is a highly integrated baseband signalling processor IC, providing all of the required baseband processing, control and data formatting/unformatting. This clever integration reduces component-count, which further reduces board size, enabling even the smallest of AIS units to be conceived, particularly useful for OEM integrated solutions.

Designed as an ultra-low-power IC (3.0V), many of the CMX910s on-chip functions can be powersaved when not actively required. This innovative feature allows inter-slot powersaving to the Rx and/or Tx channels when not required in the operating cycle.

Half duplex in operation, the CMX910 comprises two I and Q Rx paths, and one Tx path, configurable for AIS or FSK (DSC) operation. The device performs channel filtering and signal modulation/demodulation, along with associated AIS functions such as training sequence detection, NRZI conversion and HDLC processing (flags, bit stuffing/de-stuffing, CRC generation/checking and slot-timing).

A 1200bps FSK demodulator interface provides a third parallel decode path (required by the AIS class A market.), using an external FSK modem. Integrated Rx/Tx data buffers and a slot/sample timer are also provided, all of which greatly reduces the processing requirements of the host micro-controller. The thoughtful provision of a C-BUS controlled interface expansion port, device-enable ports and versatile auxiliary ADCs and DACs, further simplify system hardware design, reducing the overall end-equipment cost and size.

Additionally, a supplementary FSK-only (FX/MX604) receiver can be supported via an external FSK demodulator interfaced to the CMX910. The CMX910 is capable of transmitting on either AIS channel (GMSK 9,600bps) or FSK (1200bps) on the DSC channel, as required.

The CMX910 meets International Maritime Authority IMO requirements (IMO-M1371) and IEC61933/IEC62287 standards, for inclusion in a Class-A or Class-B transponder. The CMX910 also supports the expanding Rx only leisure-craft market.

The CMX910 is available now and has a guide price of $ 10.50. Visit CMLs new Web site for further details:


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