AdSmoke Brings Video Ad Revenue to the Masses

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 18, 2012

Online digital video ad network, AdSmoke, today announces the availability of its new rich media offering, enabling website owners the ability to earn revenue from their embedded videos.

The newly available high-impact ad revenue system creates a powerful user experience and facilitates consumer engagement, with opportunities for interaction between brands and consumers. AdSmoke’s website owners start generating revenue from premium brand advertisers from day one.

AdSmoke has partnered with major third party ad networks, hosting providers and cloud services providers, including YuMe, to support a wide variety of rich media video ad formats, Godaddy to provide 4th generation grid hosting and Amazon Cloud Services to provide highly scalable data storage and retrieval. AdSmoke is working on a new creative software plugin for WordPress website owners. This new plugin will allow WordPress users to automatically monetize their embedded video inventory.

Online video is transforming the power of advertising. AdSmoke allows smaller websites to participate in the lucrative digital video advertising space by allowing them to monetize embedded videos, even Youtube videos. Eric Hamilton, former Yahoo! Engagement Manager and current Chief Executive Officer of AdSmoke commented: At Yahoo! We refused to recognize the 100 million blogs and smaller websites that desired to monetize their videos. With AdSmoke, every website is a ‘television station’ and they should be compensated accordingly. On our platform, everybody can play and get paid.

To see demonstrations of AdSmoke in action or to become an AdSmoke Publisher, visit

About AdSmoke:

AdSmoke is a digital video ad network in New York city founded by ex-Yahoo! employees.

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