Analog Devices Pairs 24-Bit Sigma-Delta ADCs with ARM7 Core for Unequalled Data Acquisition and Processing Performance : ADuC706x precision analog microcontrollers deliver highest level of data conversion integration and performance

NORWOOD, Mass. (PRWEB) June 17, 2008

“Precision sensing requires a low noise, high resolution signal conversion architecture,” said Mike Britchfield, product line director, Precision Signal Processing, Analog Devices. “With its on-chip 24-bit sigma-delta ADCs, the ADuC706x provides the resolution required by today’s high-performance industrial and instrumentation equipment, while keeping the noise low. This performance, complemented by the simplicity of a single-chip solution, handles all data acquisition, processing and communications functions at the signal source.”

About the ADuC706x Family

Designed for 420 mA loop-powered applications in factory automation and for precision instruments, the ADuC706x family includes the ADuC7060, ADuC7061 and ADuC7062. The devices feature an industry-best ADC noise performance of just 60 nV20% better than the nearest competing partand offer five times more processing power for a given clock rate. In addition to the 24-bit sigma-delta ADCs and ARM7 core with eight interrupt priority levels, the new precision analog microcontrollers incorporate 32 Kbytes of flash memory and 4 Kbytes of SRAM, a programmable gain amplifier, multiplexers, buffers, an auxiliary 24-bit ADC for cold junction compensation and interfacing to thermocouple applications, and SPI (serial peripheral interface), UART (universal asynchronous receivers-transmitters) and I

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