Arduino Police Lights (ATMega 2650 Version) **New Flash Patterns!**

I do not and will not take responsibility for anyone who gets in trouble for this, by either imitating emergency personnel, or using without a permit/lisence.

-I have shortened the code
-Changed 16 LED’s to 8
-Changed/added more flash patterns
-Renamed variables
New Flash Patterns
As promised, this is the ATMega 2650 version of the police lights I originally did on my Duemilanove.
What you will need:
4x red LED’s (high brightness) You will want extra bright red LED’s because the ones I used are not very bright compared to the blue
4x blue LED’s (high brightness)
8x 100 ohm resistors
1x ATMega 2650 (The revision version does not matter)
22AWG wire
1x breadboard
You can use transistors to use a lot of lights and not have to have as much code, or as many outputs being used. Just replace the LED’s with the transistors you want to use. I plan on using blue LED light strips with transistors to make this as easy as possible.
Or even use shift registers and have a HELL of a lot of LED’s hooked up.

Step 1: The Hardware

Considering you have installed the MEGA drivers and can program it, I will show you how to make awesome looking police lights.
First, you want to grab your breadboard, and some wire. You want to have it hooked up similar to the way I have it hooked up I the first picture. This makes it look better, stay together better, and make it easier to hook it up.
You will notice that the way I hooked it up looks a little weird, don’t fret. I have it programmed to use these pins so you don’t have to figure them all out.
I know I don’t provide a schematic, but it would be a HUGE pain to draw one up, and it would not look very good or understandable with this many outputs. I figured you can see how to hook it up enough to actually hook it up. Follow my Duemilanove version if you can’t figure this out. This is just double the outputs of what that is.

For more detail: Arduino Police Lights (ATMega 2650 Version) **New Flash Patterns!**

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