Behlman New RR1350 Frequency Converters Deliver Ultra-Reliable Relay Testing

Hauppauge, NY (PRWEB) November 21, 2005

Behlman Electronics Inc., known for its leadership in providing power products for industrial, commercial and military applications, has introduced the Behlman RR1350 frequency converter for ultra-reliable railroad relay testing.


Packaged in a high-strength bench-top chassis only 5.25 inches high, the RR1350 delivers 1350 VA of clean, regulated AC power at either 25 Hz, 60 Hz or 100 Hz. The unit is ruggedized to meet the rigors of relay testing in a railroad service area, and also as a signal source in a bungalow.


Customers have repeatedly told us that high reliability under extreme operating conditions is an absolute must, explained Behlman Vice President of Sales and Marketing Ron Storm. As with all Behlman signal sources/frequency converters, the RR1350 is designed to be the last piece of equipment our customers ever need to worry about.


The RR1350 uses a digitally-controlled waveform to produce clean AC power like a linear supply, with the high-efficiency and small size of a switching supply. Behlmans innovative protection circuitry provides for voltage fold-back during overloads, to maintain undistorted waveforms. Ease of operation is a key design feature, with a 3-position switch for frequency selection, and a 10-turn potentiometer with locking knob to easily adjust and set voltage from 0 to 135 VAC.


Additional key features of the Behlman RR1350 include:



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