We saw BOMIST first in late 2017. With a new version re-written from scratch being released by the end of 2020, we are revisiting it now.

Although at first sight, we can spot quite a few similarities in regards to the UI, there is now more features (and very useful ones), better user experience and overall it just feels more solid as a software product.

It’s still a desktop application, not like many other cloud-based-only solutions we see in this field, and it’s available on all major operating systems (Windows, macOS and Linux). Being an offline-first application, it means you can use it even if you don’t have an internet connection, so your data is always accessible – no such thing as down-times. However, this version also comes with a new plan called TEAM which allows for team collaboration so you can have multiple users accessing and sharing a common database.

With BOMIST you can keep track of inventory but also streamline your production and purchasing processes because, after all, these are all related. Integration with Octopart means having access to real time information from the supply chain which ultimately should help you optimize your BOMs by selecting the best quotes, minimizing supply chain risks, and quickly estimate production costs. You can also add your own suppliers and custom quotes in case they are not available online or if you have special pricing conditions in some of them.

Another very useful feature is the option to generate and print barcode labels straight from the app which you can then attach to the physical things you want to track. Scan them and the app will look those things up for you telling you everything you need about them (e.g. “how many or which parts do I have in this storage location?”). There’s also an API you can use to access all the data on your database  – this should be a great way to integrate with your own systems in case you need to.


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