Bureau of Reclamation Awards Security Upgrade Contract for Hoover, Davis, Parker Dams

Miami, FL (PRWEB) May 13, 2007

The Bureau of Reclamation has awarded the integration team of Sim-G Technologies, Washington, DC, and Integrated Security Solutions (ISS), Kalispell, MT, a $ 4,100,000 contract for the engineering, design and installation of upgrades to the electronic security systems (ESS) of Hoover, Davis and Parker Dams. These ESS systems will be installed to increase the safety and security of visitors, employees and assets at the dams and will incorporate Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) solutions from Phoenix IVS, Miami, Florida.


With increased awareness of improving safety and security at what has become some of the country’s most treasured landmarks, the Bureau of Reclamation has determined the need to incorporate the latest technology in video surveillance through systems designed by Phoenix IVS that incorporate video analytic software to detect, track and send real-time alerts to patrolling security personnel when people, vehicles or other objects of interest are determined to have breached pre-determined security rules. The technology created by Phoenix IVS can be integrated into the existing CCTV surveillance camera system already in place or with new installations, as required, processing the analytics at the network edge.


“The greatest value of this type of system to the security team at the Hoover, Davis and Parker Dams is having technology that proactively determines, in real time, without human intervention, when a security breach is occurring and alerts the most appropriate security personnel to respond immediately; often before a more serious event can occur,” says Dr. Al Esquivel Shuler, CEO, Phoenix Worldwide Industries, Inc.


The integration teams of Sim-G and ISS have hundreds of man years of experience in physical and electronic security systems and have integrated these security solutions in over 40 other dams and locks within the US. Sim-G Technologies has earned a reputation for delivering professional and technical excellence in engineering and design in the federal, military and commercial marketplace, while ISS specializes in integrating access control, intrusion detection, CCTV, communication media, lighting, and physical security subsystems into a complete integrated system that protects valuable assets.


“The Phoenix IVS solution is perfect for this project of adding content analysis to the Hoover, Parker, and Davis Dams’ existing video surveillance systems since it is a modular, compact design that processes analytics at the edge of the network and conserves valuable network bandwidth,” says Marquis Laude, President, Integrated Security Solutions, Inc.


Work has already begun on upgrading the security systems at Hoover Dam and is expected to be completed by September, 2007, with Davis and Parker Dams to follow.


For information: http://www.PhoenixIVS.com or

(305) 238-0477 X226


About Phoenix IVS:

Phoenix Intelligent Video Solutions (IVS) cost-effectively upgrades any existing analog video surveillance system into a high-performance, digital IP network, fully integrated with the world’s leading intelligent video software that provides actionable intelligence. Through an architectural design of Phoenix IVS software and distributed video processing modules, Phoenix IVS uniquely enables deployment of intelligent video capabilities on existing video surveillance assets — automatically detecting threats and broadcasting real-time alerts and video without human intervention. Phoenix IVS is a division of Phoenix Worldwide Industries. Phoenix IVS


About Sim-G Technologies:

Sim-G Technologies is a dynamic technology corporation that focuses on the areas of Electronic Security Systems, Fire Protection, Professional Services and Construction Management Services. Our expertise, commitment to service and steadfast belief in forging long-term client relationships has made us a premier professional and technical services provider and high growth company. Since the company’s inception, Sim-G Technologies has earned a reputation for delivering professional and technical excellence in the federal, military and commercial marketplace. Our innovative approach enables us to deliver an unrivaled level of professionalism and expertise. We are committed to our clients. This makes Sim-G Technologies a driving force in the industries that we serve. This is our resolve. This is our commitment. http://www.Sim-GTech.com


About Integrated Security Solutions, Inc.:

Integrated Security Solutions, Inc. (ISS) provides commercial, federal and state government agencies with proven, successful, and cost-effective physical and electronics security. ISS is a leader in the security industry in conducting security surveys, vulnerability assessments, system engineering and design, installation, integration and servicing of electronic systems for asset protection, surveillance and access control. Our security systems are composed of Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) Surveillance, Electronic Entry Control Systems (EECS), Access Control Systems (ACS), Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) such as Fiber Optic Cable Fence Sensor Systems, and Security Networks. http://www.MTISS.com


For media inquiries, contact:

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Sales Director, Phoenix IVS

10780 SW 190th Street

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