Circuit Cellar Launches “Philips ARM Design Contest 2005”

(PRWEB) April 27, 2005

Circuit Cellar—The Magazine for Computer Applications has announced the launch of the Philips ARM Design Contest 2005. Starting April 25, 2005, design engineers will be able to take advantage of Circuit Cellar’s unique contest format to learn the benefits of designing with Philips’s ARM7 family of microcontrollers at the heart of their projects.

Engineers are invited to compete for the honor of being selected as the top designer of a unique embedded application whose core processor is one of the many eligible Philips LPC213x processors. The main qualifier is that entrants submit all required documentation required to build the project error-free. Complete rules and entry information can be found at

To facilitate awareness and product availability among a wide range of international engineers well in advance of the contest submission deadline, a limited supply of Philips contest starter kits and individual LPC213x chips are being provided to those who qualify. Potential contest entrants then have until October 24, 2005 to submit their complete project documentation to Circuit Cellar for judging.

The Philips ARM Design Contest 2005 represents the first ARM-based competition in Circuit Cellar’s long history of design contest management, which most recently included contests sponsored by Renesas Technology, Freescale Semiconductor, Cypress MicroSystems, and Atmel. Recent winners have attributed new business and career advancements to their highly publicized contest contributions. To help announce and document their success, the most notable contest project entries are posted online in their entirety and are printed in Circuit Cellar magazine as full-length articles for the enjoyment of the design community. The chance for international recognition combined with the chance to win part of $ 15,000 prize money is expected to pique the varied interests of engineers ranging from amateur to seasoned ARM developers.

Contest judges look at a wide range of criteria when considering winners, including excellence in design and unique vision. The winners will be announced in early 2006. Winners announcements and complete projects from past Circuit Cellar design contests are available at

Since 1988, Circuit Cellar magazine has maintained its role as the premier source of practical technical information for designers and builders of computer hardware and software applications.Circuit Cellar enhances electronics design skills by offering creative solutions and unique applications through complete projects, practical tutorials, and useful design techniques. Circuit Cellar is published monthly in print and electronic edition formats. For more information, visit

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