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(PRWEB) October 29, 2009

The idea of magnets having the power to heal is almost as old as humanity itself and is found in most ancient cultures such as India, Greece, and for over 5000 years, in China. There are companies producing magnetic products, some of which seem to work for some people. But why does it almost feel like hit or miss? Quite a body of scientific work has been accumulated about magnets and health, but there seems to be a gap between those making and marketing the products and the results of the research itself, which is largely inaccessible to the layman, with one notable exception–Peter Kulish, the founder of and the author of “Conquering Pain: The Art of Healing with BioMagnetism,” now available at


Mr. Kulish has been assiduously researching the science of magnetism and healing for over thirty years. His considerable body of knowledge is available in the “Conquering Pain, the Art of Healing with Bio

The foundational protocols in the Conquering Pain book were developed for daily use to enhance health and vitality and are designated Daytime, Nighttime, and Meridian Energizing Therapies. It is recommended to wear magnets at specific placements daily and if needed per the specific therapy, night time placements. There is nothing random, vague or arbitrary about these placements; they are backed by the scientific understanding of the way magnets affect various systems–circulatory, endocrine, and neuronal. The Meridian Energizing Protocol amalgamates Chinese acupuncture’s understanding of the body’s polarity with magnetism, so that the proper poles of the magnets are placed according to the body’s natural bio-energetic polarity to complement, and not to disrupt, the energy flow.


Over the years, Kulish developed these therapies by analyzing how the body’s natural energy flows through the nerve and energy pathways. He then developed protocols known as Advanced Circuit and Placement Therapies that amplify and balance that energy to assist the body’s ability to rapidly reduce inflammation and help heal injured tissue quickly. Separate therapy kits for joints, neck, back and more are available through


Kulish explains “The cause of pain from an injury is inflammation. Inflammation is positively charged and using specialized applications that flood the injury with negative charges quickly neutralizes the inflammation which stops the pain. We have also found that amplifying specific energy pathways in the body supports amazing results such as regenerating severed nerves or missing or worn out connective tissue. Imagine what’s that means for the injured individual.”


Particularly helpful is the indispensable Wellness Kit. Available through, Kulish designed it as the all-encompassing, complete alternative energy therapy kit enabling anyone to do all 170 of the simple and advanced protocols including many emergency conditions. It comes with the Conquering Pain book, all the necessary magnets of the right size and calibration to be able to perform all the recommended therapies, two water energizing magnets and a bottle of liquid oxygen.


The water magnets energize the drinking and cooking water drink affording a wonderful means to help balance our system’s pH (long known to be a key to good health). Energizing the water makes it more bio-available which increases cellular nourishment and detoxification to help increase and maintain wellness. People report the water is delicious and seems to supply a remarkable feeling of well-being. Adding the liquid oxygen to the water helps promote an internal aerobic environment good for the system and bad for anaerobic bacteria such as candida, a difficult problem many women suffer from.


Kulish’s Conquering Pain book, advanced therapeutic protocols and kits are used worldwide by individuals and professional practitioners and are taught in medical schools overseas. His Conquering Pain: the Art of Healing with BioMagnetism” therapy book is now available to everyone at


To review results of the day to day unusual acute and chronic conditions that have been helped with Kulish’s work, follow some of the links in this paragraph to explore research showing [free radical sites healing in a matter of hours; or the increase of cellular voltage–the measurement of a cell’s health, occurring in hours instead of a minimum of 6 months of forced nutrition; or many acute cases resolving. There are video clips of a man testifying to regeneration of severed nerves and tendons so that he could walk normally again; case acknowledgments of a woman who was brought out of her terminal coma; of a man with crushed, shattered legs, who could walk again normally in 3 months rather than the doctor’s estimate of 12; of the women who were chronically stuck in bed, one for 15, the other for 25 years suddenly starting to recover within hours and playing competing sports within a year; of a body builder’s testimony of magnetic efficacy; and of the case of a woman who had suffered from acute carpel tunnel, who was playing tennis 2 weeks after treatment. If you look under the Newsletter/blog of, further remarkable results from these carefully designed scientific protocols are available.


By Deborah Belle Forman,

Writer, researcher and documentary filmmaker.

(610) 594-6358


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