Creative Tape Solutions Increases Electronics Manufacturing Productivity

Bethlehem, PA (PRWEB) November 16, 2011

Tapeworks, a contract tape converter, recently engineered custom tape solutions that increased the manufacturing efficiency and product performance for multiple electronics manufacturers. The manufacturers were experiencing low yield and high rework as a result of intricate production procedures.


When companies have a challenging packaging, dispenser, die cutting, printing, or lamination problem that cannot be solved with off-the shelf tape solutions, they turn to Tapeworks. Through consultation and analysis of the problem, Tapeworks designs, develops, and implements creative tape solutions.


A printed circuit board manufacturer consulted with Tapeworks was using a custom-cut electrical insulation tape that was not capable of withstanding the manufacturing process. When the operator hand-placed the tape on the printed circuit board, the tape folded over on itself, rendering the tape ineffective. As a result of the problems, the circuit board manufacturer was experiencing a high yield loss and high volumes of rework.


Tapeworks engineers determined that polyimide tape was the best solution because of its high dielectric strength. To solve the fold over problems, engineers recommended that a flat back paper surface protection tape that could be laminated to the polyimide tape.


The backing allowed the tape to be die cut, creating a single piece of polyimide to be placed on the circuit board. After the operator placed the polyimide tape on the circuit board, the backing could be removed without causing the tape to fold over. The electrical component could be securely and accurately placed.


Tapeworks was also recently approached by an electronic chip manufacturer that was hand placing small chips onto inventory control cards. The chips were encapsulated in epoxy, but it would run out on the circuit board prior to drying, causing low yield and unreliable chip performance.


After determining the minimum thickness of the epoxy needed to cover the chip, Tapeworks custom designed a potting dam by laminating three layers of flat back paper tape to a liner. The potting dam was stiff enough to be handled and thick enough to contain the epoxy.


The tape was then cut into donuts that could be applied around the chip. A drop of epoxy was applied in the donut hole to cover the chip, allowing the epoxy to dry without running. The solution developed by Tapeworks created a repeatable process that reduced the amount of rework for the electronic chip manufacturer.


Tapeworks engineers custom tape products that solve construction, manufacturing, design or fabrication problems. Over 50 years of experience in the industrial pressure-sensitive market enables Tapeworks to respond to customers needs with creative, engineered tape solutions. Visit for more information.



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