Digital Control Systems Launches the New Model 90 PID Controller

(PRWEB) May 18, 2005

Ideal for Equipment Manufacturers the Digital Control Systems, Inc. Model 90 PID Controller is the latest evolution in the Multistat series of temperature controls. Designed for the global equipment market, the Model 90 PID Controller can operate from direct or alternating current power mains from 80 to 280 volts, so it can be used anywhere in the world without modification or adjustment. “We developed the Model 90 in response to our customers who sell to the international market and who had to juggle the logistics involved with the various voltage requirements around the world — in addition to flexible load and voltage requirements, the Model 90 is robust and reliable,” said Mike Mueller, President and founder of Digital Control Systems, Inc.

This single-channel PID controller will accurately control single electrical loads of up to 15 Amps. All of the Model 90 control electronics and the user interface are built on a compact (13.5 x 6 cm) circuit board for easy mounting and integration into medical, laboratory, and industrial equipment. Large bright LED digits make the display easy to read from across the room.

Recognizing the considerable safety benefits to be gained from reducing high voltage wiring, Digital Control Systems, Inc, designed the Model 90 to feature a second smaller power module that can be located near the output. This eliminates the need to run high current wiring to the front control panel. As an additional benefit, this power module is connected to the main circuit board with a low voltage cable. A second power module can also be added to control an auxiliary load.

The Model 90 offers more options than similar controls in the Multistat™ family of temperature controls. The extensive options available for the Model 90 make it easy for equipment manufacturers to differentiate similar products. Options such as an audible alarm, two pole alarm relay, RS-232, or a timer can be added individually based on application requirements. The optional RS-232 interface feature enables remote operation and data logging. “Rather than bundle all of the available features, we prefer to offer our customers options on a one by one basis, this way they aren’t paying for features they aren’t going to use”, adds Mike Mueller.

The Model 90 temperature controller works with a variety of inputs. For direct temperature control the Model 90 can be used with economical IC sensors (for operation below 100 °C), RTDs, or type ‘J’ and ‘K’ thermocouples. A direct voltage (5 volts Max) input configuration is also available for control of parameters measured by external sensors such as humidity or CO2.

Digital Control Systems Inc. is based in Portland, Oregon and has been designing and manufacturing a wide array of temperature controllers, motor speed controls, CO2 Sensors and Custom Products since 1984. The DCS family of products includes, the AirSense CO2 Monitor, Laboratory CO2 Sensor solutions, the Servomax DC Motor Speed Control, and the Multistat line of Temperature Control products. Technical information and brochures for the Model 90 and all of the Digital Control Systems products can be accessed online at

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