Digitalrep’s Space Information Portal Delivers for Albertson’s LLC

Portland, Oregon (PRWEB) January 16, 2012

Digitalrep LLC, the company that turns data into decisions, announced today that its space analysis and reporting services have delivered much improved results for Albertson’s LLC Space Management Department.


“Digitalrep is a true partner in our space planning operations. Their technology, infrastructure, data security, reporting services, and intellect help us build and maintain a best-in-class planogram operation,” said Phil Richardson, Manager, Space Planning, at Albertson’s LLC. “Digitalrep helps us measure and re-capture lost sales through their distribution void reporting application. Our goal at Albertson’s LLC is to build and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, and one way we do this is by having the right products on the shelves for our customers.”


“Distribution voids” occur when top selling items aren’t on the shelf for extended periods of time. Digitalrep has developed highly efficient analysis tools that identify where and when a distribution void has occurred, so it may be addressed. These analysis tools, along with the comprehensive application of best practices, have enabled Albertson’s LLC to see significant improvement in closing this gap.


The focus of Digitalrep’s efforts at Albertson’s LLC is to eliminate planogram mistakes. These mistakes can be easily propagated to hundreds of stores, so fewer mistakes mean lower labor costs to reset each category. Digitalrep provides the industry’s best imaging and measurement capabilities for consumer packaged goods. Utilizing high resolution imaging equipment and digital calipers, together with a proven workflow process, Digitalrep’s imaging capabilities provide accurate product measurements and ultimately, bullet-proof product databases, which are key to effective space management.


All Albertson’s LLC schematic diagrams – or planograms – are hosted by Digitalrep – so that the popular retail grocer can effectively analyze its shelf space to assist in inventory control, what’s changed over time, and how those changes relate to sales. Additionally, Digitalrep provides tools that automate what were once tedious and repetitive tasks, so planogrammers and category managers can focus on strategy and how best to provide what Albertson’s LLC customers want and expect.


“Albertson’s LLC is a very important customer for us,” said John Meaney, Digitalrep’s President. We’ve worked with Phil Richardson and his team for years to provide them with capabilities most retailers only dream about. From my perspective, the Albertson’s LLC team is quite advanced in their category management practices. We’ve worked very hard to meet the challenges they’ve sent our way.”


About Albertson’s LLC

Albertson’s LLC operates more than 200 locations across six states, and is working to become the favorite food and drug retailer in every market it serves. The company is privately owned and operates under the Albertson’s banner in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Texas.


About Digitalrep

Digitalrep LLC is the company that turns data into decisions. The company provides hosted solutions as well as licensed software for category management applications. In addition to Space Analysis and Reporting Services, Digitalrep has produced an industry leading pricing aggregation and reporting solution for two-tiered distribution, a product imaging, measurement, and management solution, and Cloud Services EDI as a retailer solution. The company is based in Portland, Oregon, and has been in business since 1999.



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