DIY Smart Plant pot

it was one year ago that i have published the plant pot – world’s first stand alone smart plant pot that can email you when it’s thirsty, cold, hot, sleeping etc.
a lot has changed since the first release. today I would like to share with you our latest and most stable version yet.
the plant pot is still,
DIY Smart Plant pot
open source hardware + software
solder-free, suitable for any age group
an all around educational tool
once completed the end user will know how to build circuits, write code and end up with a finished device that can teach you how to garden. no prior electronics or gardening experience needed.!!
here is a list of what we will be using;
wifi microcontroller
battery pack
RGB led module
temperature/humidity module
light sensor
water sensor
jumper wires
– etsy shop opened, check it out.!
let’s build..>
kits are now available on ebay, including the frame + all electronics. comment or message here or on facebook for more info

before inserting the water sensor, first carefully bend the connector legs to a 90 degree angle, this will help when wiring the circuit.
after this put the sensor in to the leg slots and hot glue the openings so they are water sealed as well.

Step 3: Battery and arduino

the powerbank comes with a short usb cable that you can use to power the microcontroller.
for a more discrete look, you can hack the power bank and connect it to the microcontroller internally on the breadboard.

Step 4: Temperature, light sensors + RGB LED

now hot glue the remaining sensors, light and temperature.
RGB LED goes on the magnetic door.
For more detail: DIY Smart Plant pot

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