E.E. URD Works with Lisle to Manufacture Automotive Relay Test Jumper Kits by Combining Plastic/Metal Tooling with Wiring Assembly

Temecula, CA (PRWEB) January 12, 2011

E.E. URD Design and Manufacturing (E.E. URD), a single source OEM/ODM solutions and service provider for factory direct China manufacturing and outsourcing, today announced they worked with Lisle Corporation on another great automotive tool that makes testing automotive relays and live circuits quick and easy. E.E. URD manufactured a set of four relay test jumpers that fit the most popular size relays on domestic and import vehicles. The manufacturing process used combined Plastic and Metal Tooling with Wiring Assembly which is very labor intensive. By utilizing E.E. URD, Lisle was able to keep manufacturing costs down to deliver a product at a cost effective price.


The test jumper kit includes a set of four jumpers that fit the most popular relays on domestic and import vehicles. This new design does not require wires to be pierced wires or connection of multiple jumper wires. The jumpers instead use tabs for clamping and flat pads for test lead connection. The kit comes complete with a blow-molded case for convenient storage.


E.E. URD has worked with Lisle Corporation on several products since 2003, including the Sure Spark Coil Tester and the Circuit Tester Pliers. When it came time for Lisle to manufacture our new Relay and Circuit Testers, the long relationship we had established made it an easy decision to choose E.E. URD to manufacture our Relay Test Jumper Kit, comments Fred Lisle, President of Lisle Corporation. Lisle continues, We knew that the relay test jumpers would be a very labor intensive manufacturing process. China was the clear option to keep manufacturing costs down, so that we could preserve margins in our distribution channel while still offering it to the end user at a cost effective price.


Lisle Corporation presented E.E. URD with completed designs for the Relay Test Jumper Kit. From the designs, E.E. URD created plastic and metal tooling combined with wiring assembly to produce the kits prototype. An intricate two-pieces plastic injection molded enclosure was created to snap together over the interior wiring assembly and stamped aluminum pins. Pad Printing was utilized on the enclosures to clearly and efficiently mark the relay tester for ease of use. Through the prototyping process, it was discovered that the pins where slightly too long so E.E. URD worked closely with the Lisle design engineers, made the appropriate adjustments to the original design and sent counter drawings back to Lisle for their records. This is very typical to make design adjustments in the prototyping phase prior to manufacturing. This is our specialty to ensure a quality manufactured product, comments COO of E.E. URD, Ian Sultan.


In addition to the individual testers, E.E. URD utilized an existing off the shelf blow-molded carrying case for additional savings and customized it by created a vacuum formed mold insert that would snuggly house each individual tester. Loaded with the relay circuit testers, packaged and prepared for shipment, products arrive at Lisle via sea freight again to save costs. Lisle would then customize the case with specific labeling for their distribution channel; however, the kit is ready to sell as received, saving Lisle Corp. additional time and money.


About Lisle Corporation

The Lisle Corporation is an American manufacturer of specialty automotive tools. It is an independent, privately owned corporation that has been operated in Clarinda, Iowa by members of the Lisle family since its founding in 1903. The company manufactures more than 400 different automotive tools and related items, including the Jeepers Creepers line of mechanic’s creepers, and its products are sold at a variety of retailers throughout the United States, including O’Reilly Auto Parts and Sears. Lisle Corporation can be contacted at P.O. Box 89, Clarinda, IA 51632 (712) 542-5101 and can be found on the web at http://www.lislecorp.com.


About E.E. URD Design and Manufacturing

E.E. URD Design and Manufacturing is your single source OEM/ODM solutions and service provider for factory direct China manufacturing and outsourcing. Our experienced product design and manufacturing professionals are focused on reducing overhead and increasing productivity. They offer design to delivery services for Current Sensors, Electronic/PCB Assembly, Membrane Key Switches,

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