Earth Conscious Consumers Foster ‘Eco-Chic’ Spirit With Environmentally Friendly Giftware

Edmonton, Alberta (PRWEB) April 5, 2006

This Earth Day, Canadas Acorn Studios ( will add to their already sought-after line of environmentally-friendly giftware when they unveil their new line of inventive handcrafted creations.


Joining an eclectic mix of earth-conscious stores and displays at Edmontons 17th annual Earth Day festival, artisan Nicola Harper is set to introduce the latest of her ingenious inventions. Celebrating both style & function while still remaining environmentally sound are necklaces & bracelets forged from the wire found inside old computer cables, as well as hand-bound notebooks made from discarded floppy discs and recycled paper.


Im making it easier for people to find eco-friendly gifts without scrimping on style, Nicola says. At the same time, I am following my dream and am thrilled to have a growing customer base worldwide that is as passionate about well designed eco-giftware as I am.


Five years as a Waste Management Engineer and countless trips to local landfills in her hometown of Edmonton, Alberta are when Nicolas passions were first sparked. Instead of simply standing by and watching as those raw materials piled up, she decided to combine both her flair for inventing with her dedication for increasing consumer awareness of recycled content products. Quickly, this unique approach grew into an innovative trade that provides her the opportunity to breathe new life into found objects.


Though some consumers dont bat an eyelash when it comes time to abandon their aging, obsolete computers for the next shiny PC in the shop window, this former Environmental Engineering alum from the University of Alberta definitely does.


Ive always been passionate about recycling, and designing products from different reclaimed materials is very fulfilling, she says.


Along with the various family fun activities, main stage of music and green organizations taking part in Canadas largest Earth Day event, Nicola will also be showcasing customer favorites, including Recycled Circuit-board Clocks, Circuit-board Keychains, and, the ultimate in geek chic, magnets made from keyboard keys.


Gone are the days of the tree-hugging hippie. Acorn Studios paints a new picture of environmental commitment that reaches far beyond their functional artware. From their recycled packaging materials to the donation of reusable offcuts to local schools and charities for art projects, every aspect of their day-to-day operation is a well-thought and environmentally responsible decision.


Acorn Studios goes a long way in their goal to create awareness and more sustainable businesses. However, they do so in a refreshing manner that stirs up a sense of fun and intrigue. A visit to the Reuse Crafts section on their website will quickly transform the uninformed into the eco-savvy with such inventively functional tutorials as the Recycled Necktie Wallet or the Recycled Car Mirror Shelf projects.


Acorn Studios is more than just an eco-enterprise. It is a way of life.


For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release (or for a sample, copy or demo), contact Nicola Harper. For current product availability and updates, you may visit


To shop for Acorn Studios products in person, you will find them at Edmontons Earth Day festival at Hawrelak Park on Sunday, April 23. More information on the festival can be found at


About Acorn Studios:


Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Acorn Studios offers innovative giftware crafted from recycled materials, and prides themselves on their artistry and unfailing attention to detail. Their mission is to increase consumer confidence and awareness of recycled content products, while offering as environmentally sound a product range as possible.




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Acorn Studios


(780) 432-2288


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