ESI Makes Significant Advancement In Micromachining

Productronica, Munich, Germany (PRWeb UK) November 10, 2009

Electro Scientific Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq: ESIO), a leading provider of world-class photonic and laser systems for microengineering applications, today announced a revolutionary laser micromachining platform that provides component and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) with greater yields, enhanced cost-of-ownership, and enables them to break new ground in the manufacturing of micro-electronics, automotive and other consumer products. While at the show, ESI also plans to showcase its entire micromachining portfolio, which is uniquely created for the mass production of high-precision micro-features on a wide-range of metallic and organic substrates.

By working closely with our customers we were able to identify and solve their key manufacturing challenges, said ESI Interconnect and Micromachining general manager Jeff Albelo. They were looking for a micromachining solution that has unparalleled placement accuracy, has high yields, and reduces scrap of incorrectly processed parts, while maintaining high throughput. We developed a platform that not only addresses all these issues, but is fully field-upgradable, delivers automated inspection and processing of parts, and is able to handle upwards of 10,000 parts per day. Our customers are genuinely pleased with the system because it provides them with a solution that solves their biggest manufacturing bottlenecks at an attractive cost-of-ownership.

The ML5900 is an advanced, high-precision system that is optimized for industrial-production. The system gives customers real-time process control while providing them with a modular framework for maximum flexibility and rapid redeployment. Featuring a high-power, interchangeable diode pumped IR, Green or UV laser, the system enables component and OEM manufacturers to drill, route, and nanostructure a wide range of materials including metals, organics, dielectrics, semiconductors and hybrid-engineered parts. The platforms integrated metrology and rotary stage allow for fully parallel processing, thereby increasing the systems overall speed and handling capabilities.

All of ESIs micromachining platforms are built with a flexible architecture that can be used across many industries and applications. The systems are designed to increase manufacturing throughput and have the ability to create complex geometries at unprecedented speed. All systems offer fast processing, exceptionally high yields and solid return-on-investment (ROI).

During the show, ESI will also feature several other micromachining systems including:

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