Firearms Guide 2011 – Computer Searchable Guns and Ammo Reference Guide with Gun Schematics on DVD Hits the Market

Los Angeles, Calif. (PRWEB) February 2, 2011

Impressum Media Inc. launched the new 2011 edition of its computer searchable, firearms, ammunition and air guns reference guide that now comes with a schematic library with over 1,550 gun schematics with parts lists from 130 gun manufacturers. Firearms Guide 2011 ( hit the market on DVD for Windows, presenting over 50,000 firearms, ammunition and air guns from 425 manufacturers worldwide with over 27,000 high resolution color pictures, technical specifications, features and 2011 prices. This makes Firearms Guide 2011 very extensive firearms and ammo databases for civilians and for defense, security, military and police forces. Thats why over 7,000 of them worldwide became fans of Firearms Guide Facebook page.

The schematic library with over 1,550 gun schematics (exploded views or parts break down diagrams) with parts lists that can be printed out is crucial help for gunsmiths, pistolsmiths, hunters, competition and sport shooters, outdoorsmen, soldiers, police officers, gun dealers, NRA members or anyone that needs to dissemble and repair or clean guns.

The possibility to search over 50,000 guns and ammo from 34 countries such as Israel, USA, Russia, China, Italy, Romania, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Hungary, Japan, Brazil, Turkey, Austria, Great Britain etc with 14 search criteria makes Firearms Guide a tool for identifying AK47 Kalashnikovs, military 50cal sniper rifles, AR semiautomatic rifles, 1911 pistols, home defense shotguns, trap shooting and hunting shotguns and also historic black powder muskets, revolver, pistols, muzzleloaders, rifles and carbines.


Unique features on new 2011 edition:

1. Reference guide that presents over 50,000 models of Firearms, Air guns and Ammo from 425 manufacturers worldwide.

Computer searchable with 14 different search criteria. Find any gun in a second.
Presents models with Tech Specs Hi-Resolution Color Pictures Features – Ballistics Prices.
Over 27,000 high-resolution color pictures in resolution up to 6636 x 1492.
Up to 12 pictures per model. Zoom in to the see smallest details.
Guns are presented in different finishes, stock types and stock materials.
Exclusive U.S. and EU custom guns with price tags up to $ 1,000,000.
Interlinked ammo and gun database. Check the stopping power of each gun with one click.

2. Schematics Library with over 1,550 gun schematics with parts lists from 130 manufacturers. Great for gunsmiths, soldiers, hunters, police officers etc. Search for a specific gun schematic by manufacturer, then choose the model and zoom in to see the smallest gun parts and print out any schematics

3. FFL Locator Database of over 60,000 gun dealers in the USA with phone numbers and addresses. When you need a gun dealer find them by type of license, by state and by ZIP code.

4. 500 Printable Targets Print them in your office, shoot them outdoor. Choose from a great selection: game animals, silhouettes, cross hairs, sight-ins, fun-to-shoot objects, etc. Both black & white and color targets. Great for shooting practice.

5. US-EU Ammo Caliber Chart – No more hassle trying to figure out which EU ammo caliber is which US ammo caliber. Weve figured it out for you, from US to EU and EU to US – works both ways.

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