First Shipments of ZX-1281 Microcontroller

Beaverton, OR (PRWEB) February 24, 2007

Elba Corporation announced today the first customer shipments of a new, more powerful multi-tasking microcontroller intended for use by scientists, engineers, experimenters and hobbyists. The ZX-1281 is a 64-pin TQFP format device targeted to high volume products or resource-intensive applications where additional memory and/or I/O capabilities are required. All ZX-series microcontrollers are programmed in ZBasic, a subset of Microsoft’s Visual Basic (VB6) with microcontroller-specific extensions and other productivity enhancements.


The newest member of the ZX microcontroller family is based on the Atmel ATmega1281 MCU. The primary benefits offered by the new ZX model are increased execution speed, expanded User RAM (7.5K standard, 63K maximum), extended User program space (60K total), additional PWM channels (up to 6), and a second hardware serial port . The new ZX-1281 is largely source code compatible with the previously released ZX family members – the ZX-24, ZX-24a, ZX-40, ZX-40a, ZX-44 and ZX-44a.


The single unit pricing of the new ZX-1281 is $ 49.95. Volume pricing is available. A ZX-1281 Development Board is available to facilitate quick prototyping of a ZX-1281 application. The Development Board, which includes a ZX-1281 device, is priced at $ 79.95


The ZBasic programming language is a subset of Microsoft’s Visual Basic (VB6) language with extensions suitable for microcontroller programming. The ZBasic compiler can detect common programming defects such as use of a variable before its initialization and other likely errors. The compiler incorporates advanced optimization techniques that help programmers pack more functionality into the available code and data spaces by, for example, eliminating unused or superfluous variables and unreachable code.


Programs for the ZX-1281 may be edited, compiled and downloaded using a state-of-the-art Integrated Development Environment. The ZBasic IDE provides productivity-enhancing features such as word completion, call tips, auto-indenting, syntax highlighting and undo/redo. The IDE can also be used to perform field updates of the ZX-1281’s internal firmware, making it simple to upgrade to new firmware releases as they become available.


More information and a free download of the compiler, IDE and documentation are available at


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