From US to EU: Baltimore-Based PCB Reverse Engineering Firm Armistead Technologies Opens UK Office

Glen Arm, MD (PRWEB) August 6, 2008

John Armistead, founder and owner of Armistead Technologies, LLC, never thought he’d be running a multi-national corporation. But now that his reverse engineering firm has attracted clients from all over the world, his company today announced the opening of an Armistead Technologies office in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.


Newcastle, about three hours outside of London by express rail, is home to the Centre for Life, the UK’s first biotechnology village. The region is rapidly becoming one of Europe’s science and technology hubs. As a result, Armistead’s UK office is right in the thick of things.


Armistead Technologies specializes in reverse engineering printed circuit boards (PCBs), the “brains” that control electro-mechanical devices. Manufacturers and companies call on reverse engineering firms like Armistead Technologies to recover old PCB designs and update them, integrating new functions and bringing them into compliance with modern standards for safety, environmental protection, and energy efficiency.


“It was inevitable, really,” Armistead says about his company’s expansion. “Today’s technology companies are more globally focused, with European standards like RoHS becoming world standards.”


He points out that the State of California now prohibits the sale of certain electronic devices, including LCD and CRT monitors, if they are prohibited under the RoHS directive.


“In addition, more companies have concerns about outsourcing their reverse engineering projects to a company based in China or India. When we take on a reverse engineering project, all the work is done in the US or UK. None of the intellectual assets go offshore.”


“Plus, we’re better positioned, geographically, to offer better service, not just around the world but also around the clock.”


John Charnley runs the UK office of Armistead Technologies. He is a Director of Sheppard & Charnley, Ltd., Cintor, Ltd., and Charnleys Master Locksmiths, all based in Newcastle. He has designed and patented numerous electronic and mechanical security devices.


“Mr. Charnley brings to Armistead Technologies a vast experience in the practical application of electronic engineering,” Armistead says. “And now, Armistead Technologies brings to our clients an even broader range of resources to move reverse engineering projects off the engineering manager’s desk and onto the production line.”


About Armistead Technologies, LLC.

Armistead Technologies is an engineering firm based near Baltimore, Maryland. It was founded in 1989 by John Armistead, a graduate electrical engineer from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Armistead Technologies specializes in reverse engineering printed circuit boards, and re-engineering older PCB designs to be compliant with updated standards and compatibilities.


For more information about getting re-engineered replacement PCBs, visit or call John Armistead at (410) 627-2408. In the UK, call John Charnley, 44-191-266-6565.


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