Frontier Silicon launches low cost DAB module offering longest battery life

London (PRWEB) September 28, 2006

Frontier Silicon is unveiling Venice 5, a low cost DAB module which offers one weeks worth of battery life, when typically DAB modules have lasted only one day. Measuring just 52mm x 40mm and based on its recently launched Kino 2 baseband processor, Venice 5 is designed for next generation DAB home audio products such as kitchen and clock radios, CD audio systems and hi-fi tuner systems. The new module will be showcased for the first time during the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (13-16 Oct) and will be shipping to customers from December 2006.


The Venice 5 entry level DAB module is 50 percent smaller than previous Venice modules, the worlds best selling DAB module series with over three million already deployed in digital radios worldwide. It offers a battery life of over 170 hours using six D cells, which is an incredible jump in performance when compared to the typical battery life of a DAB module being around 26 hours. Another key advantage to manufacturers using Venice 5 is that it is completely self-contained and can be customised through software to allow the manufacturer to deliver a differentiated product in a very short timeframe. The extensive 640Kbytes of on-chip memory available on Kino 2 also enables functions like FM, clocks, alarms, and timers without the need for additional external memory on the module.


Venice 5 will be supported by three different ready-to-manufacture reference platforms – Jupiter, Quantum, and Mercury – that have been developed by local design partners in China to help meet the needs of an emerging Chinese DAB market as well as local manufacturers designing for global markets. The platforms are highly configurable and customisable to support a wide range of product segments from basic kitchen and portable radios through to CD-based systems and advanced music server type applications.


Editor’s notes:


Frontier Silicon uses Meta(TM) multi-threaded processor and UCC(TM) universal communications IP cores from Imagination Technologies.


About Frontier Silicon


Frontier Silicon is the leading supplier of digital and RF integrated circuits and modules for mobile TV and DAB digital radio products. Frontier is supplying solutions for leading products such as the Samsung B2300 and SGH-P900 T-DMB mobile phones and has over 80 percent market share for DAB receiver solutions. Frontier Silicons products include solutions for DAB digital radio, T-DMB and DAB-IP and a multi-standard receiver solution for mobile TV reception combining DVB-H, T-DMB and DAB-IP.


Customers include Bang & Olufsen, Bush, Denon, Goodmans, Grundig, JVC, Onkyo, Philips, PURE Digital, Roberts Radio, Samsung, Sharp, Sony and TEAC. Frontier Silicon has operations in UK, Ireland, China, South Korea and Japan. For more information, visit


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