Fujitsu’s new family of world leading 16-bit Flash microcontrollers offers excellent value

(PRWEB) November 27, 2002

Fujitsu’s new family of world leading 16-bit Flash microcontrollers offers excellent value

November 25th 2002. Fujitsu’s world leading 16LX Flash microcontrollers have recently been enhanced with the addition of the new, ultra-compact, MB90455 family, and offer exceptional value.

The family features four key products, the MB90F455, MB90F456, and MB90F457 and in parallel with the Accemic MDE monitor debugger and the new low cost compact-ICE MB2147-05 these products provide a cost-effective option to currently available devices.

Offering the smallest footprint of the Fujitsu 16LX series, just 7 x 7mm, the microcontrollers are designed for use as embedded sub-controllers in user interface control systems. Housed in ultra compact 48pin LQFP’s, the devices operate at maximum clock speeds of 16MHz (62.5ns instruction cycle) for high speed system processing. Onboard memory ranges from 24K to 64K Flash and 2K RAM, and support for multiple power saving modes is included. The operating voltage is guaranteed across a wide 3.5 to 5.5V range.

The Accemic embedded debugger for the Fujitsu 16LX range of Flash microcontrollers makes it possible to debug single chip Flash or ROM applications without the need of external RAM or evaluation chips. It is a source-level and symbolic debugger for embedded C applications.

In addition the Compact-ICE MB2147-05 for emulation of the 16-bit microcontrollers will be available early next year and may connected to the target system via standard Fujitsu probe cables.

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